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  The resistance to President Trump leaves much to be desired. While it’s true that substantial numbers of Americans oppose Trump, the #Resistance, led by establishment Democrats is anything but resistance. More like kayfabe. The recent Defense spending bill is … Continue reading

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Ten Years After

  Ten years ago the US stock market tanked, and for the next several weeks financial markets were a cluster-fuck of panic and chaos. Americans were frightened of what was happening in the economy. The real estate market had collapsed. Venerable Wall … Continue reading

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Profiles in Courage

  In a courageous speech delivered on the House floor just two days after the nation memorialized 9/11, Democratic Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on Thursday slammed Washington’s longtime support to anti-Assad jihadists in Syria, while also sounding the alarm over the current … Continue reading

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  I still wonder if Trump would have carried out his promise of better relations with Russia and less interventionist foreign policies absent Russia-gate? I ask this question because a confluence of events in Syria is increasing the danger of war with … Continue reading

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  It’s more than ironic that 17 years after Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center, President Trump is coming to the rescue of Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib Province Syria. Maybe, like Obama, Trump’s playing 3 dimensional chess?

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Two Camps

  There are two camps in America that hold completely different viewpoints. One camp, let’s call them the establishment, still believes that we live in a meritocracy, where if you get an education and work hard you can succeed in … Continue reading

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