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Financial Feudalism

  The Wall Street Crash of 2008, the bailout, and the Fed’s Quantitative Easing (QE) intensified inequality in America. And now they’re getting the band back together. Behind all the focus on the human toll of the pandemic there are quiet … Continue reading

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A World Turned Upside Down

  When the British surrendered at Yorktown at the close of the Revolutionary War their commander, General Cornwallis, was so distraught that he feigned illness and instead had his subordinate proffer his sword to General Washington. The tenor of the … Continue reading

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Life During Wartime

  I feel like I’m an extra in a science fiction movie lately, where every new day brings more crazy news. It’s like we’re all being overtaken by events. I keep coming back to the old Chinese proverb–May you live … Continue reading

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Katrina Moment

  The Coronavirus appears to be Trump’s Katrina moment, where the pandemic is exposing the rank incompetence of his administration. If you’ll recall from the way-back machine, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina demonstrated that the Bush Administration’s neoconservative ideology was a serious … Continue reading

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Rotten Arrangements

  The Coronavirus pandemic is calling into question all of the rotten arrangements that have brought us to this point in American history. Indeed, the virus is remorselessly exposing every weakness in the political and economic ideologies it touches. Especially the ideology … Continue reading

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