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The Method

  Vincent Bevins has written a new book that goes a long way towards explaining the election of Donald Trump. In The Jakarta Method, a riveting new exploration of America‚Äôs mass murder program in the twentieth century, journalist Vincent Bevins … Continue reading

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The political aspects of unemployment payments

  Trump could coast to a win in November if he would embrace his inner Keynes. Unfortunately he’s constrained by Republican orthodoxy, and right-wing think-tank ideologues who reject government interference in the so-called “free market”. This ideological opposition is nothing … Continue reading

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Cry Wolf

  Our technocratic elite are upset because Americans no longer trust “official news” and are instead relying on conspiracy theories. But whose fucking fault is that? Since the first Gulf War we’ve been fed a steady diet of unadulterated bull-shit … Continue reading

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Long, hot summer

  Conventional wisdom has it that an armed revolt would stand no chance against the US military with its tanks and jet fighters. But is that true? Civil wars, for starters, are not like conventional conflicts. They are messy affairs … Continue reading

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Looting Opportunity

  We don’t do competent governance anymore. Everything is simply a looting opportunity. There are clusters of competence, of course, but they are overwhelmed by incompetence, corruption and callous disregard for anyone who isn’t wealthy or powerful. The elites have … Continue reading

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