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Year Zero

One of the strangest things about Trump’s election victory is that 2016 became Year Zero. Everything bad with America began at that point and no history is allowed before. This willful blindness has the considerable advantage to our feral elite, … Continue reading

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It’s the empire, stupid!

9/11 and the “War on Terror” radically transformed America. Since the end of WWII the US has been the dominant world power but after the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon the “gloves came off”. The neocons had … Continue reading

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I’m re-reading Matt Taibbi’s, Hate Inc., and enjoying it even more than the first time. Written as an update to the classic–Manufacturing Consent–it’s a great primer on media malfeasance and how we came to have a con-man as our president. … Continue reading

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Cultural Revolution

It appears that the Chinese have exported their Cultural Revolution to the US in return for US corporations exporting American manufacturing jobs to China. This Cultural Revolution has been enormously beneficial to our feral elite in dividing and ruling, by … Continue reading

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The Last Taboo

It will be interesting to see if Ghislaine Maxwell survives her incarceration to give testimony about Jeffery Epstein and his child-sex blackmail ring. I’ve always thought the story to be fascinating in that it’s a window into how the deep … Continue reading

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State Media

Despite the myth about a vaunted Forth Estate that holds power accountable, the press in the US operates with all of the conformity of a state run media, censoring alternative narratives and ensuring that the neoliberal/neoconservative party line is dominant. … Continue reading

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