The phrase “there is no alternative,’ proclaimed by Margaret Thatcher about the superiority of neo-liberal capitalism, always pissed me off. I wasn’t very old or sophisticated but I knew it was bullshit. I mean fuck! there are lots of alternatives. We’re talking about economics, which is all about people, who have been known to do things differently.

And I still call bullshit. Heres the deal, the neo-liberals have had thirty years now and how has that worked out? The recent protests against wall street have demonstrated more than anything the great anger at our present system and a hunger for alternatives.

And no, I’m not going to describe their economic system as free market capitalism. There is nothing free about it. It is as controlled just as much, only rather than the gains being widely shared, they are directed to the elite. In their view the system has worked perfectly. Now they just want to hold on to their gains.

Going forward, the most valuable contribution OWS can offer is an alternative. Hell! maybe three or four.

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