Deep State–Über Alles


In light of the non-stop yammering about Russian meddling in our precious democracy, it’s time to revisit the concept of an American deep state.

Liberal commentators have heaped derision on the term–deep state, depicting it as Trump supporters protecting the president, but this analysis elides the historical relevance of the concept.

In my opinion, the American deep state exists as an unelected shadow government because it represents what Federalist Papers co-author John Jay articulated“The people that own the country ought to govern it.”

The American deep state thrives on an uninformed and confused populace. The average American is captive to corporate media news and never looks elsewhere for information. Any narrative that counters the official story is deliberately disappeared from view and the result is ignorance of the people and institutions that largely control our country.

The chief player in the American deep state is the CIA. To understand the CIA, it’s incumbent to understand the Phoenix Program (assassinations, death squads, torture, mass detentions, exploitation of information), which since the Vietnam War has been the CIA’s means of controlling populations.

Author Douglas Valentine was the first to document this development in his groundbreaking book–The Phoenix Program, where he gained the trust of CIA insiders to describe their pacification campaign, as first fully developed in Vietnam.

Valentine explains that the Phoenix Program was developed by the CIA in 1967 to combine “existing counterinsurgency programs in a concerted effort to neutralize the Vietcong infrastructure (VCI).” He explained further that “neutralize meant to kill, capture, or make to defect.” “Infrastructure” meant civilians suspected of supporting North Vietnamese and Vietcong soldiers. Central to the Phoenix Program was that its targets were civilians, making the operation a violation of the Geneva Conventions which guaranteed protection to civilians in time of war.

In his  latest book–The CIA As Organized Crime, Valentine connects the CIA’s Phoenix Program to Nazi counterinsurgency warfare during WWII. He says that the Phoenix Program bears an eerie resemblance to German Einsatzgruppen-style special forces and Gestapo-style secret police operations on the Eastern Front. “Both programs were extreme forms of repression operating under martial law principles where the slightest form of dissent was deemed to represent the work of the enemy.”

That the U.S. drew upon German counter-insurgency doctrine is well documented elsewhere. This is shown explicitly in a 2011 article published in the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies entitled–German Counterinsurgency Revisited, by Charles D. Melson.

I believe that the CIA based their Phoenix Program counterinsurgency programs after Nazi ones because of the historical period in which the CIA was created and its leading proponents. No individuals are more important to this effort than the two Dulles brothers–Allan and John Foster.

Going further, the Dulles’s, their elite circle of allies, and the actions they took during the 1930’s are the key to understanding the modern American deep state.

The election of FDR and the implementation of the New Deal was a shocking development to the ruling elite of America. This loss of power and prestige was so traumatic that many of them contemplated changes to our representative system of governance. Gazing at Europe for inspiration, Mussolini and Hitler, came in for special praise. And, support.

One of the darkest secrets of the 1930’s, is the fact that US corporations and banks financed German reconstruction under the Nazis, especially their rapidly expanding armaments industries, in exchange for priceless industrial patents. This funding of German industry continued through World War II and involved some of the most powerful and well known US corporations, such as GM, Ford, and IBM. It also involved powerful US banks and investment houses, and influential Republicans, like George W.’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, and the Dulles brothers, Allan and John Foster.

Worried that the defeat of the Nazi’s would cause them to lose their investments, the directors of many of these companies plotted to protect their interests. Law firms like Sullivan and Cromwell specialized in helping to arrange these deals. Before and during the war, the Dulles brothers, Allen (who was a partner in that firm) and John, helped these companies hide their assets. As a result, many Nazi industrialist and their American collaborators maintained their wealth after the hostilites ceased.

Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg once stated that “The Dulles brothers were traitors.” Some historians believe that Allen Dulles became head of the newly formed CIA in large part to cover up his treasonous behavior and that of his clients. One of the most notorious manifestations of this agenda was an attempt to rescue and negotiate with Nazis – against Roosevelt’s wishes – during Operation Sunrise.

Allan and John Foster Dulles are dead but their evil legacy lives on.

With the ongoing revelations of Russia-gate, we should always be mindful of the role of the CIA in disseminating propaganda and disinformation that is complementary to the violent tactics of the Phoenix Program which has been adopted as the model for policing the American empire and maintaining the power of the deep state.




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Won’t end well


Lately, I’ve detected a certain sense of malaise among my fellow citizens.

In my opinion, it’s long been apparent that this won’t end well.

Take the stock market, the indicator that our elite reliably depict as proof of the superiority of American capitalism. Wall Street’s panicked reaction to signs of wage growth shows just how weak the economy is — and how much it caters to the wealthy.

In fact, the stock market, despite commentators cheerful pronouncements about universal ownership, is an elite wealth creation machine that has little to do with the real economy that you and I inhabit. Going further, Wall Street’s recent ascendancy was based largely on decisions made by our unelected Federal Reserve overlords. To fight the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed drove interest rates to record-low levels and injected vast sums of money into the financial system, a process called quantitative easing (QE).

Essentially what happened, is that in the aftermath of the Wall Street crash, the wealthy and corporations and banks they control were bailed out while the majority of Americans were left to slowly twist in the wind.

Expanding our view from the stock market, things look much worse.

Life expectancy in the US has fallen for the second year in a row. This is alarming because life expectancy has risen for much of the past century in developed countries, including the US. The decline in US health relative to other countries, however, is not new; it has been unfolding for decades. With the Reagan years came a war on labor, the busting of unions and the war on our meager welfare state. All of these neoliberal “reforms” were consolidated in the Clinton years, as the Democratic party was turned into the other business party.

With household incomes under pressure, people used credit cards and mortgages to fund the semblance of a middle-class standard of living. The financial crisis busted that model apart. Household incomes are still under pressure, but money has been far less easy for the middle and lower ranks than it has been for the upper. Slow growth and popular rage are the result.

The US is also alone among wealthy nations when it comes to extreme poverty. That we tolerate this state of affairs is shameful. After all, in a country that possesses the resources that the US does, it’s obvious that this is a political choice.

Then, there’s the other maladies afflicting the US.

Suicide is a perennial problem throughout the nation. The latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data shows the 2016 national age-adjusted suicide rate reached the highest level seen in decades.”

Not just suicide but murder. The US leads the world by a large margin when it come to enraged citizens taking a gun and mowing down their neighbors.

All of these factors points to a day of reckoning that is rapidly approaching. Perhaps the prevalence of school shootings is acting as the proverbial canary in the coal mine?

Don’t think that the elite have not noticed the way things are moving. In my own line of work I interact with the 1% on a regular basis. I can tell you that even though they are doing better that ever, there is a sense of discreet terror. It’s obvious when they discuss all the ways that they’re trying to replicating their own advantages in the education of their little darlings.

And, they’re taking steps to protect their wealth and privilege, working hand in hand with the US government to control the growing unrest. Indeed, many of the institutions and technologies that we take for granted in our high-tech world are dual use and can be turned upon us as a means of repression.

Take the internet, for example. Journalist Yasha Levine has written a bookSurveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet, where he traces the history of the internet to US counterinsurgency programs.

“My research reveals a third historical strand in the creation of the early Internet—a strand that has all but disappeared from the history books. Here, the impetus was rooted not so much in the need to survive a nuclear attack but in the dark military arts of counterinsurgency and America’s fight against the perceived global spread of communism. In the 1960s, America was a global power overseeing an increasingly volatile world: conflicts and regional insurgencies against U.S.-allied governments from South America to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. These were not traditional wars that involved big armies but guerrilla campaigns and local rebellions, frequently fought in regions where Americans had little previous experience. Who were these people? Why were they rebelling? What could be done to stop them? In military circles, it was believed that these questions were of vital importance to America’s pacification efforts, and some argued that the only effective way to answer them was to develop and leverage computer-aided information technology.

The Internet came out of this effort: an attempt to build computer systems that could collect and share intelligence, watch the world in real time, and study and analyze people and political movements with the ultimate goal of predicting and preventing social upheaval.”

It’s a dark take, but I think our plutocratic owners are going to try to abscond with their loot and leave us to rot, while doing everything they can to protect themselves and their property.

Let them eat cake.



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Double Down


The neocons are relentless. When one of their plans fails, they simply double down.

Take their signature invasion of Iraq to eliminate weapons of mass destruction. Of course, there were no weapons, but never mind. They got rid of Saddam and stood poised to remake Iraq into a free-market utopia. There was just one little problem. When Saddam was overthrown, and the Sunni/Bathist party he controlled turfed out of power, the winners were the Iraqi Shia and their sponsors, Iran.


Compounding the problem was the fact that this had created a “Shia Crescent” ranging from Iran through Iraq to Syria onward to Lebanon, where the Shia militia–Hezbullah–had fought the Israeli Defense Force to a standstill in 2006.

This brings us to the elephant in the room–Israel. The neoconservatives are a small group of ideologues. Most are allied with Israel. Some are dual-citizens. Since the late 1970’s the neoconservatives have  created an ideology of American world hegemony, specifying that the chief goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the rise of any other power that could check US unilateralism. Since the neoconservatives control US foreign policy, this explains US hostility toward Russia and China, and the wars and regime-change operations aimed at governments in the Middle East regarded by Israel as obstacles to Israeli expansion. For two decades the US has been fighting wars for Israel in the Middle East. If all this sounds suspiciously like the Oded Yinon Plan, don’t worry your pretty little head, I’m sure it’s all a crazy coincidence.

The Israeli connection helps understand the recent neocon hostility towards Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Essentially, because the neocons failed to comprehend the political fallout of overthrowing Saddam; now Syria, Lebanon, then Iran must be attacked to eliminate the “Shia Crescent”. Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s  groundbreaking 2007 article–The Redirection, explains how the neocons doubled down on a crazy scheme to work with Al Qaeda as way of striking Shia power across the Middle-East.

When the Arab Spring riots gave the neocons the pretext to foment regime change in Syria they seized the opportunity by funding, arming and training their Sunni terrorist proxies, in a genocidal civil war that still rages. Once dismissed as a baseless conspiracy theory, it is now a known and admitted fact that the US has been arming Al Qaeda terrorist factions in Syria to advance its ongoing regime change operations.

With the East Ghouta chemical weapons attack, blamed on Syrian President Bashar Assad, the neocons thought they had found the pretext to force President Obama to bomb Syria. However, when their planned bombing campaign was stymied in 2013 by Russia’s mediation and disposal of Syrian chemical weapons, the neocons doubled down and turned their sights to Ukraine, where they fomented a coup to punish Russia.

In my opinion, this is the essential backstory to Russia-gate.

When Trump, on the campaign trail, promised to reset relations with Russia the neocons doubled down with allegations of Trump’s collusion with Putin to force Trump into continued hostilities with Russia. Essentially, Trump was violating traditional policy of relying on force to overcome all obstacles or what Obama nicknamed “The Washington Playbook”

While the neocons are the gang that can’t shoot straight in their overseas adventures, at home their control of the political space is unmatched. Neocon foreign policies are US ones. Trump continues the trend.

The neocon record for destruction is impressive. Not only have their policies destroyed Ukraine, and destroyed Syria, and, before that, destroyed Libya, and destroyed Iraq, and destroyed Afghanistan, but they are always on the lookout for more countries to destroy. If you wonder why America is increasingly unpopular throughout the world, these neocon driven foreign policies are a good place to start.

No matter. Being a neocon means never being sorry, or suffering from your catastrophic mistakes.

Since there is no accountability for their fuck-ups, they continue their reign of destruction. In fact, they still haven’t given up their plan of regime change in Syria. If two fake chemical weapon attacks don’t do the trick, try a third with the added secret-sauce allegation that these chemical weapons will be soon aimed at the US.A U.S. official says Syrian President Assad’s forces may be developing new types of chemical weapons, which could reach as far as the U.S.” 

Don’t laugh. Remember how the specter of Saddam’s chemical weapons crop dusters aimed at the American heartland helped drive the invasion of Iraq?

And, if the fake chemical weapons gambit fails, have your Al Qaeda terrorist proxies shoot down a Russian fighter with the MANPADS you supplied.

In the homeland, the neocons are doubling down on the Dr. Strangelove level crazy with the latest Nuclear Posture Review. It names Russia, along with China, North Korea and Iran, as potential threats and calls for an expansion of the US nuclear arsenal. It recommends the development of a range of new weapons that could be used in situations other than full-scale nuclear war, effectively undermining agreements to wind back nuclear arsenals. Indeed, the Trump administration has just announced that it is restructuring its nuclear weapons policy to take a more aggressive stance toward Russia than that which was held by the previous administration.

This plan to spend trillions of dollars on nuclear weapons is a direct threat to the American people. Not only will this plan greatly increase the likelihood of nuclear war but with all the challenges facing our country we need trillions of dollars of new nuclear weapons like we need a hole in our head.

The neocons have learned nothing from their past failures. They dream of restoring US power to what it once was and do not understand that this can no longer be done.

French diplomat Talleyrand had the best description of these types of people “They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”





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An adversarial way


Legendary investigative journalist Robert Parry has died.

Anyone who’s read this blog knows how much I valued Robert and his investigative website–

His death is a profound tragedy, and I’ve spent the week in a state of persistent melancholy.

Life does go on.

First order of business is addressing the outrageous attack launched by PropOrNot following Parry’s death.

Let me be blunt. The attackers are cowardly neocon propagandists, bent on fomenting war with Russia. These trolls attacked Parry because he challenged the Russia-Gate narrative they spent the last year and a half promulgating. Parry’s other crime was providing well researched documentation of the machinations of the neocons and their military/industrial/complex partners in their mad crusade to maintain the US corporate empire.

In fact, during the Obama administration, Parry provided the best account of the sheer hubris of the neocons, and especially their fury at Russian interference in Syria, where they hoped to overthrow Syrian ruler–Bashar Assad. “There is a “little-old-lady-who-swallowed-the-fly” quality to neocon thinking. When one of their schemes goes bad, they simply move to a bigger, more dangerous scheme.”

Parry had a run in with PropOrNot before he died. In late 2016, about 200 websites, including, were identified as “Russian propaganda outlets” by the anonymous website PropOrNot. As an article at Consortiumnews explained at the time, the Washington Post, (which, we should always remember is owned by Jeff Bezos, who through his company Amazon, provides cloud computing services for the CIA), granted PropOrNot anonymity to smear journalists who don’t march in lockstep with the Washington Consensus.

Journalist George Ellison, researched the people and institutions behind PropOrNotUnpacking the Shadowy Outfit, and came to some startling conclusions. Read the article and examine the evidence yourself.

Anyway, enough with the trolls.

Let’s remember Robert Parry and his legacy. This amazing speech he gave back in 1993 encapsulates how he became such an adversarial journalist, and why it became impossible for him to remain in the corporate media.

Even though Parry’s is talking about the Reagan administration and their secretive, unlawful Central America policies, the same dynamic has applied in every presidential administration since. And, yes liberals, that includes Clinton and Obama.

“No one told me what to work on. And it struck me one day, as I was sitting around, that this administration had a thing about Central America. At the time there had been a number of atrocities that were occurring, and the four American churchwomen had been killed. And the explanations coming from this transition team were quite remarkable. If you remember, Jean Kirkpatrick suggested in one interview that these weren’t really nuns, they were more political activists, which always struck me as an amazing suggestion that it’s okay to kill political activists. Anyway, it seemed like a very important area to them, one that might end up driving much of what they did, at least in terms of foreign policy and national security issues.

So I began working on it. And that experience, in a way, shaped what I did for the rest of my time at the AP. And it was also striking to me that that experience was beyond anything I could have imagine, as an American citizen, watching. It was a case of wide- spread killing – political killing – of dissidents, torture, in the case of women often rape was involved; and this government was not just supporting it, not just providing the weapons and the military support, but trying to excuse it, rationalize it and essentially hide it.

Which is where I sort of came in and I think many people in the American press corps in Washington came in, and the press corp in Central America. At the time the press corps was still the Watergate press corp, if you will. We were fairly aggressive, we were not inclined to believe what we heard from the government, and sometimes we were probably obnoxious. But we were doing our jobs as I think, more or less, as they were supposed to be done. That is – to act, when necessary, in an adversarial way.

There was a pattern of deception from the very beginning. Even when there was something horrible happening in those countries. Even when hundreds, thousands of human beings were being taken out and killed, the role of the US. government became to hide it, to rationalize it, to pretend it wasn’t that serious, and to try to discredit anyone who said otherwise.

But the reality became the greatest threat, even at that stage, to what the new administration wanted to accomplish. So what we saw, even at that early stage, was the combat that was developing and the combat in terms of the domestic situation in Washington was how do you stop the press from telling that story. And much of what the Reagan administration developed were techniques to keep those kinds of stories out of the news media.”

Parry makes an important point about the self-censorship that shapes the corporate media.

“So the message was quite clearly made apparent to those of us working on this topic that when you tried to tell the American people what was happening, you put your career at risk, which may not seem like a lot to some people, but you know, reporters are like everybody else I guess – they have mortgages and families and so forth and they don’t really want to lose their jobs – I mean it’s not something they aspire to. And the idea of success is to keep one of these jobs and there are a lot of interesting perks that go with it, a certain amount of esteem, you know, as well as you get paid pretty well. Those jobs in Washington – you can often be making six figures at some of the major publications, so it’s not something you readily or easily throw away, from that working level.”

Parry was not a partisan reporter but I believe that he exemplified what our founders intended when they articulated the concept of a forth estate that would hold the other branches of government accountable. It was also quite apparent that he understood the risks of what he was doing, yet he kept at it.

“But what we began to see was something that was unusual I think even for Washington – certainly it was unusual in my experience – a very nasty, often ad hominem attack on the journalists who were not playing along.”

Parry was never sentimental about the challenges facing investigative journalism, but he was an optimist and he never stopped trying his best to tell the truth.

“I guess the challenge of the moment becomes is how that gets changed. How do the American people really get back control of this – not just their government, but of their history – because it’s really their history that has been taken away from them. I think it will take a tremendous commitment by the American people to insist on both more honest journalism, more straightforward journalism, but also maybe even new journalism.”

We lost a real American hero.

God bless you Robert Parry.





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Predatory Society


I’ve been writing recently about US foreign policy and the lack of interest among Americans with the horrific results of these policies. If we’re honest, (and I sincerely believe that this is why the disinterest), US foreign policy is largely about invading other countries or deploying terrorist proxies to overthrow their governments, and turning them into shitholes.

Speaking of Trump’s boorish statement. What is worse, turning nations into shitholes or calling them that? Where were all those concerned Americans when war was unleashed upon Syria, Libya, Iraq? Where were the media?

In my opinion, Americans don’t give a shit about the victims of these foreign policies because they’ve been conditioned not to give a shit about other Americans.

In a depressing, yet not surprising, article, journalist Umair Haque, depicts our country facing a profound moral collapse, and our neighbors, who’ve been caught on the wrong side of fate, living genuinely traumatic and desperate lives.

“In America, there is the catastrophic collapse of social bonds. Extreme capitalism has blown apart American society so totally that people cannot even care for one another as much as they do in places like Pakistan and Nigeria. Social bonds, relationships themselves, have become unaffordable luxuries, more so than even in poor countries: this is yet another social pathology unique to American collapse.”

The reason the US faces such a collapse is neoliberalism. Neoliberalism has destroyed the social bond of American society and initiated a selfish morality, where savage competition is encouraged, everything is monetized, and nothing is stable or sacred. Going further, neoliberalism promotes sociopathic personalities by rewarding extreme greed and narcism.

Margaret Thatcher articulated the cruel ethos of neoliberalism when she stated that there is no society, only individuals.

She was wrong. We’re not just individuals, we’re social beings that require others to be fully human.

Tragically, our plutocratic owners and their technocratic managers have embraced Thatcher’s maxim.

Presently we’re experiencing the results of this vast open-air experiment.

In his article, Haque describes a series of strange and bizarre pathologies, unique to the US, that he says are caused by the effects of the despair, rage, and anxiety of living in a collapsing society.

“America has had 11 school shootings in the last 23 days. That’s one every other day, more or less. That statistic is alarming enough — but it is just a number. Perspective asks us for comparison. So let me put that another way. America has had 11 school shootings in the last 23 days, which is more than anywhere else in the world, even Afghanistan or Iraq. In fact, the phenomenon of regular school shootings appears to be a unique feature of American collapse — it just doesn’t happen in any other country — and that is what I mean by “social pathologies of collapse”: a new, bizarre, terrible disease striking society.”

Haque argues that we’re all complicit in the collapse of American society.

“A predatory society doesn’t just mean oligarchs ripping people off financially. In a truer way, it means people nodding and smiling and going about their everyday business as their neighbours, friends, and colleagues die early deaths in shallow graves. The predator in American society isn’t just its super-rich — but an invisible and insatiable force: the normalization of what in the rest of the world would be seen as shameful, historic, generational moral failures, if not crimes, becoming mere mundane everyday affairs not to be too worried by or troubled about.”

Most Americans don’t even notice anymore because neoliberal values have enjoyed such an insidious process of normalization over the last 40 years. If anything, commentators want to blame it all on Trump, but these attitudes proceed him. Like I’ve said before–Trump is not the cause of our sickness, just the logical conclusion of years of neoliberal economic policies and neoconservative foreign policies.

Haque offers a warning to others who succumb to the siren call of neoliberalism.

“Should the world follow the American model — extreme capitalism, no public investment, cruelty as a way of life, the perversion of everyday virtue — then these new social pathologies will follow, too. They are new diseases of the body social that have emerged from the diet of junk food — junk media, junk science, junk culture, junk punditry, junk economics, people treating one another and their society like junk — that America has fed upon for too long.”

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War is a way of shattering to pieces


Who knew Defense Secretary Mattis had such a refined sense of humor?

SEC. MATTIS:  “We don’t invade other countries, in Russia’s case — Georgia, Ukraine.  That we settle things by international rule of law, you know, this sort of thing… One point I want to make is we respect these as sovereign nations with a sovereign voice and sovereign decisions, and we don’t think anyone else should have a veto authority over their economic, their diplomatic or their security decisions. So one of the points I will be making just by being there is we respect these countries, and we respect their sovereignty, their sovereign decisions.”

Maybe Mattis has a medical marijuana card? It’s legal in D.C., after all.

If he does, I want to know what he’s smoking.

Here’s the thing–not only does the US not respect sovereignty, but our Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, recently announced our new foreign policy with respect to Syria, where the whole policy violates Syrian sovereignty. Tillerson spoke to the press on January 17: “The United States will maintain a military presence in Syria … Our military mission in Syria will remain conditions-based.”

Maybe the Secretaries of State and Defense ought to get together once and a while and discuss policy? Or, at least keep their stories straight?

Just a thought.

Any American with a working brain cell understands that the US violates other nations sovereignty–regularly.

Nevertheless, it’s extremely difficult to get Americans, liberal or conservative, to frankly discuss this obvious reality.

The Trump supporters who believed the president when he promised to pull back from regime change and foreign conflict in pursuit of empire should be pissed. It’s beyond obvious that the neocons have made Trump their bitch.

I know it sounds harsh, but what the fuck?

And, members of the McResistence, way to go! Your obsession with Russia-gate has greatly aided the neocon machinations. Again, good job.

Don’t forget the corporate media with their propagandistic 24-hour news cycle, and strategic deployment of the memory hole, with regards to statements like Mattis’s.

There’s a method to the madness.

The empire that the US maintains through perpetual war is key to the wealth and power that our plutocrat owners have amassed.

Since the Second World War the wealthy and the corporations they own have maintained  a permanent wartime economy in order to maximize profits. WWII provided these managers and captains of industry a very important lesson: during a war there is lots of money to be made.

In my opinion, it’s for this reason that the Cold War was unleashed in 1945, not by the Soviets but by the US military/industrial/complex, or as C. Wright Mills described them–the power elite.

While the profits generated by the Cold War were privatized to the advantage of the elite, its costs were largely socialized. Up until the 70’s this arrangement was bearable for the majority of Americans who were employed under this military/Keynsian arrangement, and protected from the savagery of the market with New Deal welfare programs. Over time, neoliberalism has taken away these benefits from average Americans. In fact, since 9/11 the war on terror with its precarious gig economy has been an unmitigated disaster for average Americans.

Trump was elected for articulating this grim reality.

No matter. War is obscenely profitable for the elite that control our country, and they have no intention of returning to a peacetime economy whether average Americans like it or not. And, with their control over the corporate media, maintaining a state of perpetual warfare is child’s play.

Rogue blogger Nina Illingworth explains how Americans are propagandized into supporting endless war, through an insidious public/private/partnership.

“The simple truth is that the rich warmongers who dominate the center establishment in US politics require little if any justification to start wars; no matter how disastrous the conflict, or how many lives it ends–politicians still get bribes, military contractors still get to bill taxpayers trillions of dollars to replace the bombs we rain down like hellfire and wealthy elites invested in the national security industry still get their yearly stock bonuses.

Furthermore, because the US corporate media is either dominated by the same interests who stand to profit from endless conflict, or is just happy to repeat propaganda the government offers to justify military action; manufacturing consent for virtually any war can be easily accomplished in a span of months not years.

It is important to note that in practice if not by design, this combination of the US administration’s need to control public opinion about foreign interventions, as well as mainstream media’s profit-driven imperative to attract viewers, effectively makes the government and major American news corporations partners in producing and packaging a given war for public consumption.”

I’m in awe of this all-American propaganda system. In 2002 and 2003 conservatives were whipped into a war frenzy in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, and now, liberals have been converted into cold-warriors by Russia-gate, promulgated endlessly by liberal media stars like Rachel Maddow.

The upshot is that the neocons and Russia hawks on Capitol Hill have gotten the new cold war their military-industrial complex donors have so desperately craved, as have the oligarchs who own America’s mainstream media.

Trump hasn’t made America great again, but he has kept America perpetually at war.

George Orwell had something to say about this state of affairs.


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Duck and Cover


A year on it’s become clear that the McResistance to Trump’s misrule is largely about Democrats and liberals avoiding self-examination, while continuing the ruinous neoliberal and neoconservative policies that brought us to this point.

For example, Trump came into office promising to dial back tensions with Russia, while severely criticizing US regime-change policies. Now, thanks to the constant drum-beat of Russia-gate, led by erstwhile liberals like Rachel Maddow, Trump has turned out to be just like Obama, who turned out to be just like Bush. Apparently, it doesn’t matter much who sits in the White House or which political party controls Congress, the same political forces are dominant and the same neocon inspired foreign policy is implemented.

These dominant political forces, sometimes referred to as the deep state, have a vested interest in drumming up support for a new cold-war, while Trump’s campaign talk of defunding NATO, friendship with Russia, and leaving Syria to Assad has raised alarms among the neocons.

The problem for a neophyte like Trump, who doesn’t understand how Presidential power is wielded, is that he’s in over his head and doesn’t have a network of trustworthy foreign policy intellectuals to fall back upon in a crisis. Furthermore, his narcism makes him an easy mark for corporate media propaganda. It was no surprise that he received his best ratings when he lobbed cruise missiles at Syria.

Essentially, what we’ve seen with Trump’s recent bellicose actions constitute a series of clumsy attempts by Trump to appease the neocons because he realizes, correctly, that they form the core of the opposition to his presidency, and that they were the number-one enemy. He has tried to appease them with the result that they now control his foreign policy.

Rogue-blogger, Caitlin Johnstone, says. “The US power establishment is working to manufacture support for escalations with Russia for the same exact reason it has worked to manufacture support for escalations with all the other governments that it has bullied into submission over the years: to prevent the rise of any global power that could weaken the hegemony of the US plutocracy.

This is why America acts so goddamn crazy all the time, and it’s also one of the major obstacles to getting any kind of robust peace movement up and running in the US. The fact of the matter is that America is conducting a nonstop campaign to destabilize, manipulate, bully and control other nations to prevent the rise of a new rival superpower.”

We’re seeing the poisoned results of these crazed neoconservative foreign policies with the recent ICBM scare, where Haiwaian residents fled panic stricken into the streets, expecting their state to be turned into a nuclear fire-ball.

Luckily, Hawaii has Tulsi Gabbard. The courageous congresswoman has been one of the very few leaders to shine a light on the details of our deep state foreign policy, where the US was deploying Al Qaeda as their proxy to overthrow the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. She even introduced HR 608, Stop Arming Terrorists, bill in Congress, in an effort to force the issue.

Gabbard appeared on multiple Sunday news shows a day after her state’s false ICBM emergency alert sent Hawaii into a tense 40 minutes of panic before it was revealed to be a message sent in error. She slammed the mainstream media’s reporting on the North Korean nuclear threat, saying“We’ve got to understand that North Korea is holding onto these nuclear weapons because they think it is their only protection from the United States coming in and doing to them what the United States has done to so many countries throughout history.” 

Trump was always going to be a terrible president, but he did promise to change the crazy neoconservative foreign policies promulgated since 9/11. Now, thanks to the McResistance jumping on the deep state’s get-Trump movement, fucking liberals have made war with Russia probable and our world infinitely more dangerous.

Get ready for more of these ICBM scares.

Remember to duck and cover.



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