Spy’n in Zion

Not dead yet. Been really busy with work, so sporadic posting.

There’s an interesting story relating to the ongoing deep security state  happening in my own backyard. It seems that the National Security Agency is building a huge facility at Camp Williams, a National Guard training site on the south-west side of the Salt Lake valley. The NSA has gone through a rough patch since the end of the Cold War, going from focusing on large nation states like the Soviet Union to having to keep track of small stateless terrorists. To do this they are vacuuming up enormous amounts of data to be analyzed at this new facility. And they are not just collecting this data from foreigners. Driven by the “war on terror,” the NSA is also turning this vast surveillance apparatus on the US and its citizens.

James Bamford, author of the definitive series of books on the NSA: The Puzzle Palace, The Shadow Factory, and Body of Secrets, gives you all the details.

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