The Empire Strikes Back–Continued…

The recent election was quite illuminating in understanding neo-feudalism. There’s always been a tension inherent in the vision of America democracy.   On one hand are the Jeffersonians who see democracy as the natural trajectory. On the other hand, are the Hamiltonians who view democracy as mob rule. Mitt Romney’s comment about the 47% of American’s he views as moochers or takers is the most obvious expression of how the American elite view the idea of democracy. This comment clearly articulates the idea that only property owners should have the right to vote. The fear of those like Mittens, is that the property-less American voters: the “moochers,” will vote themselves goodies, ie. health care, and make the “makers” pay for it through increased taxes on them.

The road to neo-feudalism is paved with this ideology. Mittens and his ilk want to take us back before the New Deal, to the days of the robber barons, before the right to vote was extended widely. In their eyes, democracy is mob rule. If you think I’m kidding, check out the comments made by Supreme Court justice Scalia in regards to the Voting Rights Act case before the court. Scalia’s comments reflect our elite inherent contempt for democracy.

This is why the attack against the 1960’s is so vicious. The 1960’s was the high point of American democracy, to the horror of our elite. To them the 1960’s represented a “Crisis of Democracy.”

“The crisis that they perceived was that there was too much democracy. The system used to work fine when most of the population was silent, passive, apathetic and obedient.”

“In the ‘60s, something dangerous happened. Special interest groups began to try to enter the political arena and press for their demands. The special interests were women, minorities, young people, old people, farmers, workers. In other words: The population, who are supposed to sit obediently while the intelligent minority runs things in the interest of everyone.”

In response our elite plotted a counterattack. And, there was no greater target than the American education system.

That’s where we will turn to next.

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