Broken Record

At risk of sounding, once again, like a broken record, here’s a very easy point to remember–if you deplore terrorism, don’t employ terrorists.

Also, for those who still have a hard time accepting that our country does bad things, here is further evidence for your consideration– an article at the Jacobin that outlines US support of Sunni terrorism.

“American complicity in the rise of ISIS would hardly be an anomaly. At various times since World War II—most infamously in Afghanistan in the ’70s and ’80s — the United States has armed, allied with, or otherwise strengthened jihadists (and their precursors) for the purpose of undermining its more immediate and authentic adversaries.

And one need not consult history for an antecedent. Right now, as its effort to build a force from scratch founders, the United States is encouraging its proxies in Syria to work with al-Nusra Front and has green-lighted a new coordinated effort of Gulf countries and Turkey to arm an opposition coalition that includes al-Nusra Front and other reactionary groups.

If the United States really wanted to defeat ISIS and al-Qaeda, it would stop empowering them.”

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