You’ve Come a Long Way Baby


I know that Hillary’s pretty bloodthirsty, but is the Clinton campaign in such distress that they’d let the mask slip?

Of course, I’m talking about Madeleine, Special Place In Hell, Albright

Albright, the first woman to serve as U.S. Secretary of Sate, introduced Clinton in New Hampshire on Saturday by declaring, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

Albright, if you’ll remember, told 60 Minutes in 1996 that half a million children who died as a result of U.S. sanctions against Iraq were “worth” the price. Like Kissinger before her and Hillary after her, Albright is a monster who if hell exists is certainly headed for a very special place there.

On the other hand, maybe it’s all just a clever advertising campaign to get women to support war? There have been other advertising campaigns designed to appeal to the irrationality of women in order to persuade them to engage in dangerous behavior.

In 1929, Edward Bernays used a novel ad campaign to get women to smoke. In other words, he helped persuade women to commit suicide, one cigarette at a time. “Torches of Freedom was a phrase used to encourage women’s smoking by exploiting women’s aspirations for a better life during the women’s liberation movement in the United States. Cigarettes were described as symbols of emancipation and equality with men.”

The targeting of women in tobacco advertising led to higher rates of smoking among women. I know, surprise.

Advertising continued it’s hip and sassy, and irrational appeal to women when in 1968,Virginia Slims introduced a new brand of cigarettes marketed towards women, with the slogan–“You’ve come a long way, baby.”  

Before this appeal smoking among women was seen as a habit that was corrupt and inappropriate for women.

Advertising sure changed that. Maybe advertising can do the same for war?

The ads write themselves–You’re just as tough and patriotic as men so come on and support war. It’s the hip, liberating, and equal-opportunity activity everyone can get behind.

After all–You’ve come a long way baby.

Update:  Female Sanders supporters responded to Albright’s warning with humor: “I’ll Bern,” they said.


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