Second Chance


I always knew that the national security state and their corporate media handmaidens would keep Russia-gate alive if for no other reason than to hide their culpability in the attempted coup against the president. And with Trump’s reckless style it was only a matter of time until the opportunity presented itself. Now it seems that Trump’s clumsy and stupid attempts to link Joe Biden and son to corruption in Ukraine has given Democrats a chance to revive their discredited Russia-gate crusade.

And make no mistake, Ukraine-gate is a second chance for them to depose a president who they never wanted while demonstrating the cost to any future leader who might have his or her independent thoughts about US foreign policies and our worldwide empire.

In discussing the US empire with fellow Americans one topic crops up repeatedly: We have to maintain an American empire for the good of the country and the world so the bad guys don’t triumph.

But that’s not how it works. The people that control and implement the US empire service a trans-national oligarchy that owns the banks and corporations that control our world. There able to do that without resorting to brute force by being able to control public narratives using media ownership, lobbyists and think tanks, thereby manipulating entire governments and international affairs.

Furthermore, in case you haven’t noticed it, you, as an average American, are expendable. Over the last 30 plus years corporations have ruthlessly dismantled and destroyed our manufacturing base and impoverished our working class, leaving millions of Americans to die deaths of despair. Meanwhile since 9/11 the US empire has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, while regime-changing Libya and attempting to overthrow the government of Syria. Since we invaded Afghanistan in 2001, we have spent more than $5 trillion and incurred liabilities for veterans’ disabilities and medical expenses of at least another trillion dollars, for a total of something over $6 trillion for military efforts alone.

This is money we didn’t spend on sustaining, still less improving, our own human and physical infrastructure or current and future well-being. We borrowed it, of course.  Estimates of the costs of servicing the resulting debt run to an additional $8 trillion over the next few decades.  Future generations of Americans will curse us for failing to invest in education, scientific research, and transportation. And for good measure, we’ll also leave them in hock for at least $14 trillion in war debt.

These forever wars and costs they incur expose an important reality. The agencies that make up the national security state or deep state are not there to protect and serve the American people. They are there to protect and serve the oligarchs, who profit from the forever wars and a continuation of the military/industrial/complex.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine-gate scandal has been driven by an account of a “heroic” CIA whistleblower, who felt obliged to report Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine president. However, we should always remember that when dealing in the world of deception and intrigue that defines intelligence operations, it is often difficult to determine whether any individual linked to an intelligence agency is telling the truth. Indeed, in the United States, there are examples of intelligence officials committing perjury and lying to Congress on several occasions with no consequences, and of intelligence officials feeding politically motivated and untrue information to agency assets in the media.

And this brings us to the other factor in the current scandal–the corporate media’s role in Russia-gate, and the fact that they colluded with the national security state to drive the narrative of treason. It should be obvious by now but the corporate media likewise does not exist to serve you but the service the powerful. Indeed, what we’re finding out is that the corporate media along with the new social media sites in Silicon Valley are there to serve the oligarchs that use the American empire to advance their agendas.

However, tribalism keeps Americans focused on their home-team media, with liberals glued to NPR and the New York Times, while conservatives believe every utterance from FOX News. Likewise, both liberals and conservatives are loyal to their teams turn at ruling the empire. Trump supporters fervently believe that their standard bearer is battling the deep state as he goes about pursuing the very same empire centric policies as Obama before him. And liberals, after decades of suspicion towards the CIA and FBI, immediately transform them into bastions of truth and integrity in their pursuit of Russia-gate. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

The only silver lining in the whole impeachment cluster-fuck is the potential to fatally discredit both of our corrupt oligarchic political parties while helping hasten the end of the American empire.


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