Now that the Republican candidates for president have accused front runner Mitt Romney of practicing “vulture capitalism,” I thought I would share a story.

I had a conversation with a client a couple years ago about what he did for a living. (Being a ski instructor means being around the 1 percent on a daily basis.) It turned out that he was an attorney in California who had worked with Mitt Romney. At that point I should have bit my tongue and shut the fuck up. But being stupid, I proceeded to tell him what I thought Mittens had been up to with his stint at Bain Capital–looting. As you might imagine, this did not go over well and we spent the rest of the lift ride in awkward silence.

Today the inter-tubes has a story by  historian Rick Perlstein explaining why Mittens grew up the way he did by comparing him to his father, George Romney, who also ran for president in 1968. The contrast between the father and son and the values they espouse epitomizes how our country has changed for the worse in my lifetime. From a place where we made things and gave Americans of average means an opportunity, to a neo-feudal looters paradise.

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