In My Tribe

Any honest accounting of President Obama’s policies, in regard to his management of the American empire, would have to conclude that there is little substantive difference between him and his predecessor. (What was that guys name again?) This ratchet effect, where as a Republican administration moves us radically to the right, followed by a Democratic administration that makes that right ward move bipartisan, appear to be a feature rather than a bug.

The other day, discussing the state of politics with co-workers, I had a moment of spite. I said what our country deserves is a president Santorum, in that it would go a long way in clarifying where we really are. With President Santorum we wouldn’t have to pretend anymore that we care about our fellow Americans. We could just come out and say it–we don’t give a shit about anyone except rich assholes. We wouldn’t have to pretend that we care about women, or human rights, or torture, or indefinite detention, or drone strikes, or spying on Americans, or rule of law.

Because, right now on the left there’s a lot of pretending going on. With the election coming up, liberals have been rallying around the President and portraying the Republican candidates as crazy or rich-dicks. Which, of course, they are. But here’s the thing–with their support of Obama, the Democrats are just as tribal as the Republicans were with their support of Bush. Liberals vociferously opposed all these horrible policies when Bush was president, but now they’re fucking hunky-dory. My head spins! They can’t root for Team Blue when they support the same evil policies that Team Red advocates. All that does is make them look like hypocritical idiots.

With a President like Rick the Pious it would be obvious, once again, that the United States is an empire, and President Obama was a fully complicit manager during his administration. If you have not noticed, Democratic Administrations hide the empire management better than Republicans, who like to flaunt it. A President like Santorum would rub America’s face in it, not like President Obama, who issues stirring bromides attesting to “American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations.”

This rightward movement in American politics has consequences. Both Democratic and Republican Administrations have helped turn our country into a fucking Banana Republic, with their economic and foreign policy decisions.

Well, I’m sick of the subterfuge–of a black progressive community organizer bravely confronting entrenched power. Lets just have it out in the open where everyone knows what a monster the president is. Where the Google will always describe what President Santorum represents–“A frothy mixture of lube and fecal material.”

America the Beautiful. Man on dog.

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