Winter Blogger

I’m back!

Having two professions is nice in that I get to do something different every fall and every spring. Working as an irrigation contractor allows me to pay the bills. Instructing skiing allows me time to blog.

Easing back into the swing of things, I want to link to an interesting article by one of my favorite historians–Rick Perlstein–author of Nixonland, and Before the Storm. In the latest issue of The Baffler, Perlstein explores how conservative propaganda works, and why conservatives respect a liar like Mittens. “It’s hard for either them or us to discern where the ideological con ended and the money con began.”

My brother has been working on a series of posts examining the history of propaganda and public relations, specifically by looking at Walter Lippman.

So Wart, here’s a little something that can hopefully assist your project.

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