Revolution Blues

In the US we have a neoliberal political and economic consensus among elites that has produced deregulation for corporations and banks, tax cuts and subsidies for the wealthy, punitive austerity for the poor, and a violent, militaristic foreign policy focused on dominating the Middle-East by use of terrorist proxies.

Let’s tally just a few of the recent outrages, shall we?

We have the US military working with pedophiles in Afghanistan and working with terrorists in Syria. We also have the largest US energy corporation–Exxon/Mobil–hiding it’s own evidence of global warming since 1977. And, just to top it off, we have a US justice department that’s more concerned about prosecuting international soccer officials than prosecuting rogue bankers who destroyed our economy.

This is our country if we care to look—endless war, unabated political criminality, economic looting, social upheaval, surveillance and cyber terror, and a military/intelligence/financial deep-state.

Does anyone examining this state of affairs honestly think that the best days are ahead for America?

Americans are starting to notice that these policies have not only failed, but are making them poorer and the world they inhabit far more dangerous. For evidence of these sentiments, look no further than the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders benefitting, as they are, from the contempt voters feel for present US economic and foreign policies.

Here at Camelotkidd posts about political-economy, foreign policy and the deep-state are interesting and informative but they’re also a way to expose the rotten core of America’s ruling consensus. In fact, that’s the whole point of this blog–to delegitimize the existing political and economic order in that we might begin to transform it into something better.

One of the best writers and futurists, John Michael Greer, comments on the challenges we face going forward and how we’re also going to have to create an entirely new narrative to describe this transformation.

“As the neoliberal consensus shatters and the failure of its policies becomes impossible to ignore any longer, another world is not merely possible, it’s inevitable. The question is purely what ideas, visions, dreams, hopes, and shuddering terrors will shape the world that will emerge from neoliberalism’s smoldering corpse—and that, dear reader, will be determined in part by what you yourself are willing to imagine, to work for, and to struggle for, during the difficult years ahead of us.” 




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