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Back in the USSR

  Imagine having a government that cares about average people, helping keep them safe during an emergency and ensuring that the costs of the crisis fall upon the members of society with the most? You don’t know how lucky you … Continue reading

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Katrina Moment

  The Coronavirus appears to be Trump’s Katrina moment, where the pandemic is exposing the rank incompetence of his administration. If you’ll recall from the way-back machine, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina demonstrated that the Bush Administration’s neoconservative ideology was a serious … Continue reading

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Rotten Arrangements

  The Coronavirus pandemic is calling into question all of the rotten arrangements that have brought us to this point in American history. Indeed, the virus is remorselessly exposing every weakness in the political and economic ideologies it touches. Especially the ideology … Continue reading

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Neat trick

  The key to unlocking the narrative is projection. Narrative is the method that our feral elite use to control us, and projection plays an enormous role in constructing the ongoing narrative. Here’s how Wikipidia describes projection. “Psychological projection is … Continue reading

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  As Bernie Sanders continues to triumph in Democratic primaries expect to hear increased denunciations of socialism. Along the way I suspect there will be denunciations of redistribution as well. However, it’d important to understand that the crucial redistribution has already … Continue reading

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Elephant in the Room

  It’s telling that the liberal “Resistance” is pinning their hopes on John Bolton to provide damning testimony in the impeachment trial of President Trump. Bolton, the arch-neocon, is one of the more repulsive swamp creatures to inhabit the Beltway and … Continue reading

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More Projection

  To make sense of our seemingly crazy world just turn everything around. It’s all projection. For instance, that whole war on terrorism thing since 9/11 is projection, big time. War of terror would be more accurate. Presently in the Middle-East, … Continue reading

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