It’s the empire, stupid!

Why does the US pursue such boneheaded foreign policies?

Can you say empire?

Over at Colonel Pat Lang’s shop–Sic Semper Tyrannis , they write of the dilemma the US faces as an empire that’s dependent on allies to provide bases where US forces can operate from.

♦ US dependence on bases for empire

“And so, the ironic result is that the guys who are funding, training and arming the common, headchopping, atrocity-comitting and opportunistically cannibalistic Jihadi enemy – the Turks, Saudis, UAE and Qataris – are allies, while the folks  (Putin, you devil!) who are fighting Americas enemies are enemies.

Judging by their assent to their client’s excess at US expense, the US apparently feel that they have no choice but to endure such policies because their nominal allies, even when they pursue diametrically opposed policy goals, threaten the US with denial of the one thing the US empire relies on – and that is the use of overseas bases in these allied countries to ‘project US power’.”

Going further, a critical examination of the relationships between US allies such as Saudi Arabia, provides much evidence of the mythical deep statecomposed of finance, oil and the military/intelligence/industrial complex.

Think about it, the US has a complex relationship with the desert kingdom where the Saudi’s exchange oil for US weapons systems and intelligence as well as for ongoing military training and support. Even better, the US gets oil denominated in dollars, providing an enormous subsidy to American banks. And when it comes time to invest their vast petroleum fortune many Saudi’s depend on Wall Street for financial products and guidance, aa well as for sophisticated financial access to the world’s markets in real time.

Amazing how much better the vision when the scales are removed from the eyes.

Viewing the US/Saudi relationship through the prism of the deep state provides a whole new reason why the US might be pursuing supposedly boneheaded foreign policies in the Middle East. In case you haven’t noticed, the deep state doesn’t pursue policies that benefit the US as much as policies that benefit the deep state. Like all the cool kids say–it’s not a bug, but a feature.

This tear in the fabric of the carefully spun war on terror narrative threatens the power and control of the US elite over an empire whose benefits primarily flow to them. No wonder our leaders are freaking-out and running around with their hair on fire.





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