“So when they come with that opinion poll

Yeah, they better not use words like: Ideology...

Or try to tell me ’bout the issues, Ideology…Whose side are you on…”

Our world is ruled by dangerous ideologies.

Most American’s identify Islamic terrorism as the most dangerous ideology facing the world today. They are wrong.

The most destructive ideologies are our own–neoconservatism and neoliberalism.

Ian Welsh identifies the ideology behind neoliberalism. “The 1980s were the “Greed is Good” decade. What followed was the most unequal industrialized society in modern history–but the ideology came first. All inequality is, in part, the result of an ideological push. When we examine societies transitioning to higher inequality, it always includes the creation of an ideology which justifies it.

This is because all power within a human society (not between societies) is ideological at base. It may be enforced by men with weapons, but if those men stopped believing in the justifying ideology, or, in many cases, if most of the subjects stopped believing in it, the inequality would end. Power over people requires power over their imaginations, over what they think is right, their ideas about the natural order, and so on.”

Similarly, neoconservatism is driven by ideology. The small clique of neocons, responsible for millions killed, wounded or displaced, smugly insist that they are spreading democracy and freedom, and that any collateral damage is thebirth pangs of a new Middle East.” 

Paul Craig Roberts examines the end result of these neoconservative foreign policies.“Washington’s impulsive use of power is a danger to America and to the world. Arrogant Washington politicians and crazed neoconservatives are screaming that the US must shoot down Russian aircraft that are operating against the US-supplied forces that have brought death and destruction to Syria, unleashing millions of refugees on Europe, in Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government.”

“Follow the money,” is usually a reliable means of understanding US economic and foreign policies.

Never forget ideology.


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