The Grand Old Hunger Games


An online petition to allow delegates to pack heat at the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer is exposing the insanity of Republican, NRA and the Right’s decades long effort to ensure that there are guns everywhere in America.

42,000 people have signed the petition, asking Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, the R.N.C.’s convention venue, to override its no-gun policies and allow attendees to open-carry approved weapons. Ohio allows open-carry of firearms, but the Quicken Loans stadium does not. To no ones surprise, the U.S. Secret Service stated that no firearms will be allowed at the Republican convention in Cleveland this July.

Gun rights groups and individuals denounced the ban, and instead claimed that it would be dangerous not to allow guns inside the venue. Indeed, the NRA believes that that gun-free zones are “the worst and most dangerous of all lies.”  There are also arguments out there on the gun-zealot fringe saying that Republican delegates will be especially vulnerable to a terrorist attack without their guns. ISIS, and all.

Like I’ve said before and will say again–you can’t make this shit up!

Imagine, if you will, all the mayhem at the GOP convention if guns were allowed into the stadium. The idea of a floor fight would take on a whole new meaning, as would the term “smoke filled room.” In the battle for delegates, various factions could provide covering fire as their members advanced. It would be a sort of GOP Hunger Games.

May the odds be ever in your favor, indeed.

As fun as it is to point and snicker at the dilemma of the GOP being hoist on their own guns-guns-guns petard, it’s worth asking, as this Salon columnist does–Where does all the White Rage Go if Trump Loses?

“Where will all that anger, which has been slowly building among America’s white working class for half a century, go once it is left without a viable political outlet?”

What happens to these angry Trump supporters with guns if Trump loses, or is denied the Republican nomination by party insiders. Do these people then take matters into their own hands?

It has kinda felt like a low-level civil war is going on in America, certainly since Obama was elected President, and the concomitant rise of the Tea Party.

Could this summer be the opening salvo in the real thing?

Stay tuned.






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