plus ça change


Sometimes, I think that I’ve become too cynical.

But, then I see something like this.

Image: Michelle Obama, George W. Bush

Look, I’m for political comity as much as the next fellow, but that calculation is for a political system that crafts policies and hammers out bi–partisan legislation that benefits our republic and its citizens. That’s not exactly the system we have, is it? From endless war, to financial parasitism, to rancid globalization, our elite political class doesn’t serve us. They serve the wealthy and the corporations they control.

Our system, to be frank, reeks of oligarchy.

This oligarchical bi-partisanship is what the corporate press glorifies with pictures like the one above, where the wife of a war criminal hugs another war criminal.

Hope and Change was always a suckers bet.

Perhaps the French, with their longer arc of history, have a more nuanced view of such affairs: plus ça change.




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