Multipolar Future


The US has been the sole-superpower for the last 25 years. Those days are coming to an end with the US facing a multipolar future.

The problem with this development is that the neocons in charge of US foreign policy are feeling butt-hurt. Their impotence and anger are manifest. Unfortunately, the neocons hubris and vanity just might kill us all, as they wage a desperate attempt to maintain the American corporate empire through increasingly brutal military means.

Perversely, the reliance on military and covert paramilitary methods are the reasons why the US has squandered the opportunity to be a different kind of empire. The neocons, through their heavy-handed policies of going to the dark side, have ruined America’s unique strength; its soft-power. By and large, the rest of the planet believed in the story of American exceptionalism while they admired the US because it generally wasn’t like other authoritarian empires. But, the neocons, with their extreme belief that the elite should use deception, religious fervor and perpetual war to control the ignorant masses, have largely destroyed whatever good will that remains with their brutal policies of occupation, torture, regime change, and assassination.

Federico Pieraccini, at Strategic-Culture, examines the ramifications of our multipolar future.

“The failure of the foreign doctrine of the United States was a direct consequence of the arrogance and the utopia of being able to dominate the planet, seeking to extend indefinitely the unipolar moment and forging a worldwide system culturally and economically based on the will of Washington, reinforced by a power and military posture without precedent.

The certainty is that the future will turn fully into a multipolar model, and this obliges Washington to struggle in every way possible to remain relevant. To date, apart from nuclear agreements, every choice has been counterproductive and wrong. Will Washington’s elites ever learn, or will they eventually become irrelevant?”

The end of the American empire is the actuality that dare not be spoken of. Whoever is sworn in as our new President will have to deal with the consequences of this momentous event that might possibly be the deepest and most dangerous crisis of our history.

The challenge facing those of us who yearn for a different America, one that lives up to the potential our founders envisioned, is to bring about a peaceful end to this empire.

Our dilemma is thus–to save America, we need to destroy the empire, or it will destroy us.




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