Hillary Clinton was at Sundance over the weekend for the premier of a new documentary entitled Hillary.  According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Hillary received a standing ovation from the liberal Hollywood audience after the showing.

I’m not surprised that the Sundance crowd adores her. They have made out like bandits in the globalized economy that Hillary and her husband Bill were instrumental in bringing about. Indeed, the Clinton administration turbo-charged the financialization of the American economy and was instrumental in accelerating the off-shoring of middle-class manufacturing jobs to Mexico and China. The priority of this new financialized economy was maximizing shareholder value, not making things; let alone wasting good money on workers and infrastructure.

Moreover, Bill and Hillary epitomized the New Democrats who transformed the Democratic party from one that represented workers to the one that represents the wealthy liberal professionals at Sundance. For the attendees, these are the best of times. Globalization has meant that they can buy their I-Phones and tablets, computers and electronics, their automobiles and bicycles for a fraction of what they would have to spend if they still paid American workers to produce these products. Instead, they turn a blind eye to the realities of Asian manufacturing, where workers are paid a pittance and US manufacturers, like Apple, avoid regulations and environmental concerns.

For the American workers who’ve been left behind to stew in despair throughout abandoned towns and cities across the “flyover” regions, Hillary had a word for them.


The Sundance documentary is a largely flattering portrait, but director Nanette Burstein does address Clinton’s marriage to former President Bill Clinton and his involvement with Monica Lewinsky; her failed presidential campaign; and how she became “kind of a Rorschach test for women and women’s roles as soon as I burst onto the public scene when Bill was running for president.”

During the question and answer session following the premier, Hillary spoke of how during the making of the documentary no question or line of inquiry had been out of bounds. Clinton sat for more than 35 hours of interviews with Burstein.  The filmmaker said she is grateful for “how willing Secretary Clinton was to share her story on such an honest, human level, and give me the time and the trust. Not be worried about how I was going to put this together.” Burstein reiterated that nothing was off limits, and that Clinton had no editorial control over the documentary.

However, while I haven’t seen the film, I bet that there were a number of topics that were in fact “off limits.” With that regard, here are some of the topics, in no particular order, that I would have asked her about, if a shlub like me got to make documentaries about famous people.

  1. While Hillary talked about her legal work during the Watergate hearings, what about the legal work she did while in Arkansas for Walmart and for the banker Jackson Stevens?
  2. What was the Clinton’s involvement with the goings on in Mena, Arkansas as relating to shadowy US intelligence agencies funding the Contra’s with drug smuggling? The Clintons’ own involvement in Iran-Contra revolved around the covert activities at Arkansas’ Mena Airport, which involved the CIA front company Southern Air Transport and occurred while Clinton was governor. Hillary has always claimed to be a co-equal with her husband during their time in governance, so she was in a position to know all about these nefarious affairs.
  3. Did these nefarious affairs, which enabled the deep state in their Nicaraguan regime-change operations, demonstrate the Clinton’s trustworthiness for the Ovel Office?
  4. What about Hillary’s own actions as Secretary of State, where she was instrumental in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi–“We came, we saw, he died”–the coup in Honduras, the coup in Ukraine, and the attempted coup in Syria, where she was pressing for a no-fly zone?

Like I said, I haven’t seen Hillary and don’t plan on seeing it. But I’m pretty sure the director didn’t get into any of those topics, which is too bad because that would make for one hell of an engrossing movie.

They could star Meryl Streep.

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