The Last Taboo

It will be interesting to see if Ghislaine Maxwell survives her incarceration to give testimony about Jeffery Epstein and his child-sex blackmail ring.

I’ve always thought the story to be fascinating in that it’s a window into how the deep state operates, and the fact that opaque and unaccountable intelligence agencies use child sex slavery to blackmail powerful world leaders and manipulate our society. Indeed, the real story of Epstein and Maxwell is the systematic entrapment and blackmailing of major political and economic figures the world over.

Maxwell, like Epstein, was never the lead player in the sexual blackmail op. However, she does know where the bodies where buried, so to speak. Her father Robert Maxwell was a British media tycoon with close ties and connections to British and Israeli intelligence, who died under mysterious circumstances, and was given a state burial in Israel, where the Prime Minister, Ehud Barak. and no less than six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence attended.

This is by far the most sensational aspect of the Jeffery Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell story. Israeli intelligence agencies and especially Mossad appear to be running pedophile rings that blackmail Western political, business and scientific leaders. Philip Giraldi, a highly-regarded former CIA officer, suggested that Epstein had probably been working for Mossad, operating “honey traps” to obtain blackmail information on all the wealthy and powerful individuals whom he regularly plied with underage girls.

It seems that Ghislaine was not only a madame to Epstein but also to the ruling elite. This would both explain her popularity and the fact that the corporate media treats her with kid gloves.

If you peruse the corporate media for details there’s plenty of salacious gossip but any mention of Israeli intelligence gathering is strictly off-limits. Thanks to internet sleuths much of the story has been speculated on. After it was revealed that Epstein had evaded stricter sentencing in 2008 due to his links to “intelligence,” it was the Mossad ties of Ghislaine Maxwell’s father that have led many to wonder if Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation was sharing incriminating information with the Mossad. Whitney Webb from Mintpress has found many of the stories related to Epstein and Maxwell. Some of them mention the Mossad connection and others note the orgies.

Of course, for Mossad to be running this sort of honey-trap, blackmail operation on American soil the CIA, FBI and other US spy agencies would have to be aware, wouldn’t they?

I’ve come to believe that this all is connected to the US deep state but also global politics involving sex trafficking, drug and arms trade, money laundering, Ponzi schemes, spy networks and blackmailing for Mossad. Sexual blackmail – especially involving little children – can be an extremely efficient way to influence key politicians and even military officials. Epstein’s victims were caught in a web of international spy network that used them as pawns for blackmail operations. The younger the girls were, the more leverage Israel would have over politicians, billionaires and scientists. Thus Epstein and Ghislaine tried to also recruit girls who were well under the age of 16

The decades have certainly softened the effectiveness of many forms of blackmail. I’m not sure that the old adage about a politician ending his career by being caught in bed with either a live boy or dead girl applies in the age of Trump. But pedophilia still ranks as an extremely powerful taboo. Career ending.

And, this brings us to the heart of the matter. Given that intelligence agencies in the U.S. often conduct covert operations for the benefit of oligarchs and large corporations as opposed to national security, the use of child-sex blackmail to control politicians should make us seriously question our representative form of democracy.

The Clinton’s are a good example of this dynamic. Despite the Clinton’s willingness to embrace corrupt dealings during the span of their political careers, their mostly friendly relationship with this network still saw them use the power of sexual blackmail to obtain certain policy decisions that were favorable to their personal and financial interests but not to their political reputation or agendas.

And certainly not favorable to we the people.

Maybe what this case really represents is that any politician who makes it to the national stage is compromised, a puppet being wielded by unseen actors?

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