In last weeks post I presented evidence that the US attacked China with Covid 19.

My evidence is largely sourced from the Unz Review, where Ron Unz has written a series of articles arguing that COVID-19 is the result of a US biological warfare strike against China and Iran. Much of the evidence he cites is circumstantial. But his circumstantial evidence is very convincing. What are the odds that COVID-19 would appear at the worst possible place and time for China (Wuhan on Chinese New Year) and then miraculously traveled to Iran to kill a sizable number of their government elite? What are the odds that this would randomly happen when the neocons are waging a hybrid war against China, Russia and Iran? What are the odds that this virus would turn out to be a perfect anti-economy bioweapon, combining super-contagiousness with .5% to 1% lethality? What are the odds that a US military games team would have shown up in Wuhan when COVID was first unleashed? And above all, what are the odds that the US Defense Intelligence Agency would just happen to issue a strongly-worded warning to guard against an impending pandemic in Wuhan more than one month before anyone knew of any such outbreak?

What’s worse, in retrospect, is that the US has a deep state that is capable and willing to carry out such a nefarious plan. Furthermore, the fact that this deep state would carry out such a plan when the chances for global blowback are so great is more evidence of their psychopathy. Unz gives them credit for imagining that the US healthcare system would rise to the occasion and minimize any outbreak here but I’m not so generous.

It’s obvious to see how the people who want a war with China would use the new reports of the Coronavirus emerging from a lab in Wuhan to make it happen. It fully fits into the logic of the global hybrid war, unleashed by the American financial oligarchy in order to maintain world domination in the confrontation with the rapidly growing China. Presently, they feel emboldened enough to go on the offensive, blaming China for the Wuhan lab leak.

At a recent appearance on Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, made crystal clear their game plan going forward. “I think the American people deserve to know what caused the worst pandemic in a century,” Cotton told the show’s host. “Look, China should be made to pay for their negligence and their deceitfulness at the outset of this pandemic: covering up its origins, not being open about what was happening in that lab in Wuhan.”

Cotton continued. “But if it turns out that the Chinese Communist Party and their labs were responsible for a lab leak that caused this pandemic, just imagine what the American people would demand in terms of accountability; what I said would just scratch the surface,” the senator said. “And the American people would be right to demand that kind of accountability.”

Thanks to the oligarchic propaganda bubble that envelopes the American people, there will probably never be accountability for the true villain even if all of this leads to a nuclear exchange. There is no reason to believe any investigation into the Wuhan lab would not be heavily biased toward a pro-US narrative and used to manufacture international agendas to attack China, while it’s probable to believe it would be.

The corporate media nowadays often show more opposition to peace than to war. The Trump administration faced hysterical media backlash for its attempts to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, Syria, and even Germany. Columnists from the New York Times and Washington Post openly championed the deep state because the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies opposed President Trump.

After last weeks post it’s probably time to reiterate that I’m not a Trump supporter even though I spend a fair amount of time criticizing liberals. Instead, I find our whole political system to be kayfabe, in that both tribes pretend to have substantial differences even when the same economic and foreign policies of empire are implemented.

The election of Donald Trump made all of this crystal clear.

In 2008 the American public was sick of George W Bush and his crew of neocons, so they elected a progressive candidate who campaigned on hope and change to replace him.

But it didn’t happen; the hope and change never came. Barack Obama continued and expanded all of his predecessor’s most depraved policies at home and abroad, and it wasn’t long before Americans became disillusioned. It was as if Obama served Bush’s third and forth term, even though many of my liberal friends and family won’t admit it.

Worn out and disgusted by crushing neoliberal policies at home and murderous neoconservative policies abroad, Americans elected a reality TV star who ran on a populist platform which criticized both Bush and Obama. Trump promised to “drain the swamp”, end the wars, and fight the establishment in the interests of ordinary people. Americans thought this time for sure there would be change.

But the wars kept going, and the swamp got even fuller, and the US empire maintained the same destructive policies of the Bush administration and the Obama administration. Despite all this, the Democratic Party and the corporate media acted as though a coup had taken place, insisting that the United States had transformed from a free democracy respected around the world into a fascist dystopia.

And now that we’ve replaced the fascist with Joe Biden we will finally–“Make America Kind Again”.

Or not.

It’s become obvious that no matter who is president the US empire will continue to carry out unspeakable acts for the benefit of the tiny group of oligarchs who actually call the shots. As Gore Vidal once said. “It doesn’t actually make any difference whether the President is Republican or Democrat. The genius of the American ruling class is that it has been able to make the people think that they have had something to do with the electing of presidents for 200 years when they’ve had absolutely nothing to say about the candidates or the policies or the way the country is run. A very small group controls just about everything.”

We get the theatre of change because of the reality of empire. Politicians cannot change the status quo to one which benefits ordinary people instead of their oligarchic owners, because the oligarchic empire is built upon the need for endless war, poverty, and oppression. You cannot have a unipolar global empire without using violent force (and the threat of it) to uphold that world order, and you cannot have a plutocracy without ensuring that a few rulers have far more wealth control than the rank-and-file citizenry.

A little blowback now and then is just another cost of empire.

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