What we thought was the light at the end of the tunnel has turned out to be an oncoming locomotive.

The new Omicron coronavirus variant has the potential to take us right back to the beginning by virtue of being vaccine resistant. This variant also has the potential to be very, very bad. Even calling it a variant may be a misnomer; it is more likely to be another strain and could even be SARS-Cov-3. We don’t know for certain, but based on the sequence, it seems to be completely resistant to the current monoclonal vaccines.

Even with the vaccines the response to the pandemic has been an ongoing debacle. For example, in the US Covid deaths in 2021 have surpassed those of 2020.

If we had competent leadership class we might have been able to prevent this. But we don’t do public health in the US. We do “for profit” healthcare, where the sicker you are the more profitable you are to the system. (So long as you have the Do-Re-Mi, as Woody Guthrie memorably put it). Instead, during Covid-19, we get hagiography of Dr. Fauci and a total faith in an extremely risky vaccine only solution.

As Yves at Naked Capitalism writes. “By letting business drive public health policy with its quest for a “return to normal,” the entire last year was squandered, not just NPIs, but testing, contact tracing, international infection control standards, everything. We said this amounted operational to “Let ‘er rip.” B.1.1.529 may show us the true cost of that recklessness. And where did the recent rounds of bad variants come from? This is three times – Kent, India, now South Africa – where the Anglo incubation reservoirs that capitalism creates have spilled over into waves of world-wide infection.”

As GM, one of the doctors who comments at NC, warned, “Consider yourself fully unvaccinated from now on and go back to March 2020 precautions.”

Not to be too cynical but new variants from unvaccinated areas that force us to get boosters is literally the business model of big-pharma corporations like Pfizer. As a Pfizer financial analyst said in a Wall Street conference call. “There will be new variants emerging from abroad that can evade the vaccine. And how will variants emerge from abroad? Well as outbreaks occur in non-vaccinated parts of the world, new strains will naturally occur as the virus mutates. If the rest of the world gets vaccinated, however, new variants won’t arise.”

What Pfizer really wants is to be able to charge $150 for a vaccine that they are charging only $19.50 now. So it’s actually against their financial interest to have the rest of the world vaccinated. If the rest of the world gets vaccinated, they won’t necessarily be able to sell expensive booster shots in rich countries.


I’m not an anti-vaxxer but I am a critical thinker and much of what our government has done since the inception of the pandemic has been highly questionable if not criminal.

Which brings us to the new book by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., entitled–The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

Kennedy writes, “The very governmental health regulators, social media eminences, and media companies that idealistic populations relied upon as champions of freedom, health, democracy, civil rights, and evidence-based public policy seemed to collectively pivot in a lockstep assault against free speech and personal freedom. Suddenly, those trusted institutions seemed to be acting in concert to generate fear, promote obedience, discourage critical thinking, and herd seven billion people to march to a single tune, culminating in mass public health experiments with a novel, shoddily tested and improperly licensed technology so risky that manufacturers refused to produce it unless every government on Earth shielded them from liability.

Across Western nations, shell-shocked citizens experienced all the well-worn tactics of rising totalitarianism—mass propaganda and censorship, the orchestrated promotion of terror, the manipulation of science, the suppression of debate, the vilification of dissent, and use of force to prevent protest. Conscientious objectors who resisted these unwanted, experimental, zero-liability medical interventions faced orchestrated gaslighting, marginalization, and scapegoating.”

Kennedy goes on to critically examine liberal icon–Dr Fauci–who emerged as the antithesis to the Orange Menace, and appeared to be the nations pandemic savior. However, what Kennedy finds is a 50 year career advancing big-Pharma interests over public health, culminating in his handling of Covid-19.

Kennedy claims that Fauci consistently priortized pharmaceutical industry profits over public health. “As the world watched, Tony Fauci dictated a series of policies that resulted in by far the most deaths, and one of the highest percentage COVID-19 body counts of any nation on the planet. Only relentless propaganda and wall-to-wall censorship could conceal his disastrous mismanagement during COVID-19’s first year. The US, with 4 percent of the world’s population, suffered 14.5 percent of total COVID deaths. Blinded by generously stoked fear of deadly disease against which Dr. Fauci seemed the only reliable bulwark, Americans failed to see the mounting evidence that Dr. Fauci’s strategies were consistently failing to achieve promised results, as he doggedly elevated Pharma profits and bureaucratic powers over waning public health.”

There’s also the economic costs of Dr. Fauci’s. policies. “Dr. Fauci’s business closures pulverized America’s middle class and engineered the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history. In 2020, workers lost $3.7 trillion while billionaires gained $3.9 trillion. Some 493 individuals became new billionaires, and an additional 8 million Americans dropped below the poverty line. The biggest winners were the robber barons—the very companies that were cheerleading Dr. Fauci’s lockdown and censoring his critics: Big Technology, Big Data, Big Telecom, Big Finance, Big Media behemoths (Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, Viacom, and Disney), and Silicon Valley Internet titans like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Larry Ellison, and Jack Dorsey.”

The new Omicron variant seems to put all of this capitalist accumulation at risk but not to worry. After the massive Wall Street sell-off on Black Friday, President Biden declared that his administration would not implement “shutdowns or lockdowns,” vowing to “reopen our country … reopen our businesses” and … “reopen our schools.”

Essentially, Biden delivered to Wall Street a clear message: There is no level of pandemic death that will cause the US government to interrupt the holiday shopping season. 

The market immediately rallied. “The S&P rose by as much as 1.5 percent Monday,” NBC News noted, “as investors seemed to be reassured by President Joe Biden’s remarks.”

What all of this demonstrates is that the lives of the American population are completely meaningless as far as the financial oligarchy is concerned and furthermore, everything is going as planned.

Update: Not a bug but a feature.

Pharma companies are earning more than three times in profits off vaccines…in one year…than what it would actually cost to vaccinate the world.…once and for all.

It would take less than one-third of what pharma companies are earning from one years’ vaccine profits to vaccinate the entire world for good.

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