Back in the quaint old days of the George W. Bush administration, White House political advisor Karl Rove famously said, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out.”

Didn’t that set the tone for the years that have followed? Following Rove’s lead, our elite have been very busy creating their own special reality. I mean look at where we are now with the propaganda barrage over the conflict in Ukraine.

If you have this feeing that there’s been a concerted effort from the most powerful government and media institutions to manipulate your understanding of what’s going on with this war, it’s because that’s exactly what has been happening.

If you just can’t recall ever seeing such intense mass media spin about a war before, it’s because you haven’t.

If you get the distinct impression that this may be the most aggressively perception-managed war in human history, it’s because it is.

The part that even the Machiavellian Mr. Rove missed, though, is that the MBA managers of empire are perhaps even more apt to create their own unreality, which explains a lot about the surreal spectacle of American collapse. The sheer hubris and incompetence is staggering. It’s like the entire American order has become completely disconnected from reality. Is there anything the government tells you now that is not some sort of fabrication? Of course, there’s also this reality that’s beginning to make itself apparent. Official institutions and media outlets are deliberately spreading lies and in the process poisoning and destroying their credibility.

Last week an extraordinary article appeared in, of all places, NBC News, reporting that the US intelligence community is knowingly feeding information it does not believe accurate to the US mainstream media for the American audience to consume.

In other words, the article reports that the US deep state admits to being actively engaged in lying to the American people in the hopes that it can manipulate public opinion

According to the NBC News article, “multiple US officials acknowledged that the US has used information as a weapon even when confidence in the accuracy of the information wasn’t high. Sometimes it has used low-confidence intelligence for deterrent effect…”

The reason our feral elite and their corporate media fan-boys are humping unreality is because that’s all they have got. The Biden Administration came into office promising to be the new FDR but that was always a bad joke. Their record of actual accomplishment is awful thin, hence the unreality of the noble US standing up to the tyrannical Russia.

Democrats firmly control the Department of State and the CIA (which are almost the same thing these days), and use these government organs to project their ideological crusade. And presently it appears that these “liberal” Democrats cannot be reasoned with. They irrationally fear and hate Russia on a primal, ideological level. I mean, Russia-gate was basically a psych-war operation. A very successful one.

A lot of people think it’s weird that American liberals have fallen in love with Ukrainian nazis, but I disagree. Nazism and American liberalism have grown so ideologically similar that it’s hard to dismiss as coincidence. Why does liberal Critical Race Theory so closely resemble Nazi race theory?

And this is where liberal Democrats are at–any remaining vestige of an anti-war liberal/left in the US degraded itself almost to the point of non-existence from 2016-2020, as it aligned with security state actors and neocons against Trump. Since the Ukraine war, this process of transformation is now truly complete.

You can’t get a single Dem official or left/liberal media figure of any prominence to even acknowledge that “the US should wage indefinite proxy warfare in hopes of engineering regime change” is a debatable proposition. US intervention is now a sacrosanct “liberal” principle.

It all goes back to imperial unreality–where the US empire truly has the right to rule the world and that no country has the right to refuse it.

Meanwhile, the re-emergence of a truly multipolar world is crashing headlong into an imperial doctrine that demands securing unipolar domination at all cost, and it’s getting very ugly very fast.

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