We are being smashed with a deluge of war propaganda

In the first full month of the US proxy-war against Russia in Ukraine, American network TV stations gave more coverage than any other war that the US has been directly involved in, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Meanwhile,  Iraq war architects were some of the first pundits sought out for analysis of the conflict by the mainstream press, and their calls for insane escalations against Russia succeeded in pushing the window of acceptable wisdom in the direction of a never-ending proxy-war against Russia while sabotaging support for diplomatic solutions.

Because of Russia-gate, liberals were some of the worst offenders when calling for escalations. Remember all of the cries among liberals for a No-fly zone? Good times. And this was all easily piped into mainstream consciousness because of the years of Russia hysteria resulting from the mass scale psychological operation known as Russia-gate. Think about it. America’s most dangerous confrontation in generations just so happens to have been preceded by years of media-generated panic about that very same country, despite the Ukraine invasion having nothing whatsoever to do with the conspiracy theory that the Kremlin had made Trump their puppet.

I think it was the height of projection the way in which the entire elite political and media class continuously repeated the phrase “unprovoked invasion” over and over again. Maybe it was a confession that they know they’re simply regurgitating imperial propaganda? Going further, liberal imperialists were outraged yet relieved that another country was acting in the same manner as the US. Never a public outrage during the innumerable atrocious “collateral damage ” incidents in Iraq and Afghanistan, even as the US bombed Afghan wedding parties and machine-gunned Iraq civilians. Worthy victims in Ukraine, unworthy ones in all of the countries that the US has destroyed.

Still, the way in which they can get away with the “new and improved” war propaganda is part of a broader trend in which many of the ugly things the US empire used to do in secret it now does openly. The US has found that you don’t need to hide as much from public visibility as long as you can manipulate what people think they’re seeing. If the public is sufficiently propagandized and consent has been adequately manufactured, you can get away with murder–literally.

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