I’ve written before about the Democratic Party but the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade has made millions of Americans aware of their treachery.

Many Democrats will simply blame the right-wing activists judges on the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roberts. And yet, Roberts, Thomas, Alito, etc. are not the only reason this happened. They were enabled by a Democratic Party, who in the name of bipartisanship and comity but more precisely, because they secretly agree with these policies. The Democratic Party is simply one of the two parties that are controlled by the the feral elite that own our country, who use narrative manipulation to divide the population into a roughly 50/50 ideological split. Then they convince everyone that the only reason nothing changes is because their team doesn’t win enough elections. Remember–vote harder!

(Picture of a mechanical ratchet)

For a long time I’ve envisioned the Democrats as the pawl in the ratchet–where the Republicans apply the rightward force then the the Democrats click into place to prevent any movement back, but I just read a Caitlin Johnstone piece that argues that the Democrats are the jab. “Most good boxers will tell you they’d rather fight someone with a solid cross than someone with a solid jab. Sure the jab does less damage at first, but it’s such an effective strike that it can nullify your entire offense and grind you down until you can’t continue. In exactly the same way, the Democratic Party is far more effective in shutting down revolutionary movements and stagnating progress than the Republicans, and, just like a jab-cross combination in boxing, is used to set up the Republicans to deliver the knockout blow.”

Every ruling class throughout history advances various claims about its own legitimacy, without which a stable political order is impossible. In the US we have a two party system to provide the appearance of options but it’s really one ruling party with minor differences most cultural. Above all, the Democrats are the managerial class, with their claims to authority not necessarily on the idea of the democratic will of the people, but on the historical inevitability of technocracy as such. It is rule by the professional/managerial/class (PMC), who aren’t nearly as smart as they like to think, judging by the ongoing cavalcade of failure.

The Supreme Court decision may have finally broken through some of the stanch support for team blue but the new narrative has fallen back to the defensive line of passivity in the face of red team aggression.

While this cartoon portrays a certain truism about the Democrats, it doesn’t go far enough. It’s the difference between a pawl and a jab. The Democrats are not just a passive facilitator of evil, they are an active participant. There needs to be a second panel where the Democratic cop goes into the classroom and shoots the wounded, while helping the assassin reload.

I say this because at this point I’ve realized that the Democratic Party exists only to kill leftward movement in the United States and ensure the continual functioning of a globe-spanning empire by ensuring neoliberal economic policies and neoconservative foreign policies. The Democrats are just the kinder, gentler face of the rules-based international order, also known as the liberal world order, also known as the US-led world order. It presents the facade of humanitarianism and democratic ideals, but underneath the performance it’s just as savage and bloodthirsty as any other empire in history

The problem for our ruling elite is that legitimacy can take many different forms and may change over time, but once it become exhausted or loses its credibility, that is pretty much it. In essence, when the legitimating claim for a particular form of elite is used up, when people no longer believe in the concepts or claims that underpin a particular system or claim to rule, the extinction of that particular elite becomes a foregone conclusion. 

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