Gradually, then all at once

Empire’s decline gradually, then all at once. This is the dynamic underpinning collapse: slow at first, then suddenly.

Presently, the proxy war in Ukraine is signaling a last ditch effort, the outcome of which will determine whether the US can reverse its declining unipolar hegemony or if a multipolar-world-order is inevitable. These unprecedented stakes explain why such an astronomical sum of taxpayer funds has already been expended and the unprecedented propaganda campaign.

I’m sure that the purpose of the proxy war is to spread peace, democracy and freedom. At least I’m sure that’s what the average American believes. Americans are just so accustomed to being told the US and its allies are pure good and its enemies are pure evil that anything outside this basic arrangement is dismissed as Russian disinformation.

However, for the clear eyed analyst, it’s becoming blindingly obvious that geopolitical considerations are in play–the US is fighting in Ukraine to preserve its post-Cold War global hegemony. The true reason for this proxy war is to forestall a possible alliance between Germany (EU), Russia and China. 

This Congressional report helps illuminate American policies. “From a U.S. perspective on grand strategy and geopolitics, it can be noted that most of the world’s people, resources, and
economic activity are located not in the Western Hemisphere, but in the other hemisphere, particularly Eurasia. In response to this basic feature of world geography, U.S. policymakers for the last several decades have chosen to pursue, as a key element of U.S. national strategy, a goal of preventing the emergence of regional hegemons in Eurasia. Although U.S. policymakers do not often state explicitly in public the goal of preventing the emergence of regional hegemons in Eurasia, U.S. military operations in recent decades—both wartime operations and day-to-day operations—appear to have been carried out in no small part in support of this goal.” “Renewed Great Power Competition: Implications for Defense—Issues for Congress”. This 2022 National Defense Strategy also makes clear that the United States sees the subjugation of Russia as a critical stepping stone toward the conflict with China.

That’s correct. The US is not content to just fight Russia. Oh no. The US is determined to fight China too. And, let’s not forget Iran. The last gasp of American imperialism is more and more directly targeting Russia, China and Iran, which the US sees as impediments to its domination of the world island. US strategists have long regarded the domination of the Eurasian landmass, with its vast natural resources, as the key to this goal. None of this is new or even controversial. The only reason the corporate media can pretend the conflict in Ukraine is the result of Russian aggression and the sheer evil of Vladimir Putin is due to the historical ignorance the American people.

As an anti-imperialist, I’m horrified that we are ruled by psychopaths and surrounded by propagandized sheeple who mouth patriotic platitudes. I mean, what the fuck?–one of our congressional critters wants to display a bust of Zelensky in the capital.

But I’m also fascinated by the American way of empire, where instead of having a dedicated cadre of foreign service professionals to manage it we have instead  outsourced and privatized the process largely because neoliberal and neoconservative ideologues don’t believe in government.

It’s darkly humorous.

Maybe the empire got outsourced too?

Counting on the American political class to plot a course forward ignores both that oligarchs and corporations run the country, and that these are the same people who thought that outsourcing core manufacturing to China and deregulating Wall Street were great ideas that have worked out well. While there is no telling how much of the administration’s position is geopolitical posturing, there is also no hiding what a mess the political class has made of the US.

This dysfunctionality has been apparent in the ongoing war on terror disasters–Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. Unfortunately, the can keeps getting kicked down the road because protecting the fragile psychology of our feral elite and their corporate media cheerleaders takes precedence over accountability. So what I’m saying is that end of the American empire will require a disaster so profound that there’s no escaping accountability for the neocons and their fellow travelers among the elite political and media class. This disaster is staring us in the face. As I write this, the Ukrainian frontlines are crumbling just as the US propaganda narrative is crumbling. What’s left is the looming prospect that the Russians are essentially on the verge of prevailing.

How will our political and media class deal with another foreign policy disaster? Once the propaganda spell is broken reality is sure to intervene. The Ukraine gambit is probably the most poorly-planned foreign policy debacle of all-time leading to the greatest strategic disaster in American history. This suppressed reality is why the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is so fraught with danger, as our feral elite are determined to do anything to escape long overdue accountability.

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