Shine a light

I blog to cope with the deluge of propaganda, and to deal with the alienation that comes with attempts to stay sane in an increasingly insane world. Like Diogenes, who searched for an honest man, I search for the truth in a world of lies.

When much of what the media prints is fake news to serve an oligarchic regime, and a censorship consortium consisting of the press, Big Tech, and U.S. spy services calls facts “disinformation,” it’s hard to keep things straight in a labyrinth of lies. It seems that we are now living in a society openly based on lies or even the repudiation of the concept of truth, increasingly backed by the threat of violence and terrorism. The truth of the matter is that fact don’t matter anymore. The word “narrative” has replaced the older term “party line” that was used in the USSR, but the meaning is similar. Furthermore, if you believe the lies and repeat them you are a valued member of the party or tribe. Conversely, if you reject a lie because it is simply obviously counter-factual, then you are not “just” wrong, you are the enemy.

An example of the extreme censorship is the explosive article that Seymour Hersh had to publish on Substack because none of the legacy media would touch it. The New York Times and Washington Post have so far ignored the Hersh report. Indeed, western media have stubbornly refused to investigate this urgent story. How damning is that? This is an explosive story in more ways than one and indeed in more ways than we can perhaps even calculate at this stage. The systematic media censorship and exposure of propaganda functioning is itself a huge scandal that will grow further.

The lies and silencing are part of a mass-formation phenomenon that rises as a function of suppressed panic over America’s wobbling empire and business model, especially among the managerial class and the “experts” who are supposedly in charge. The more the management and expertise fails, the more desperately they seek to control every lever of daily life.

Matt Taibbi writes: “In a remarkably short time since the end of the Obama presidency, the U.S. government has funded an elaborate network of NGOs and think-tanks whose researchers call themselves independent “disinformation experts.” They describe their posture as defensive — merely “tracking” or “countering” foreign disinformation — but in truth they aggressively court both the domestic news media and platforms like Twitter, often becoming both the sources for news stories and/or the referring authorities for censorship requests.

The end result has been relentless censorship of, and mountains of (often deceptive) state-sponsored propaganda about, legitimate American political activity. In the Twitter Files we see correspondence from state agencies and state-sponsored research entities describing everything from support of the Free Palestine movement to opposition to vaccine passports as illicit foreign propaganda.”

Remember the “Matrix”? Morpheus defines it as “the wool that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” Those who have become red-pilled, then, are likewise persons who recognize that the wool has been pulled over their eyes. They see things as they really are and not as the government nor as prevailing opinions would have us believe.

I took the red pill and have broken from the prevailing worldview which most people share. I see the “system” for what it is, and recognize that it does not have my best interests at heart. I realize that everything that I’ve learned since elementary school has been based upon the same underlying set of falsehoods. I guess I’ve always been anti-establishment in my thinking and for support for political dissidents, but since I was discharged from the military I’ve become more and more distrustful of my own government and its complicit media. I have come to see the wizard behind the curtain who uses illusions, sleight-of-hand and artful flourishes to deceive the gullible masses.

I blog to exacerbate public distrust in the institutions that manufacture our consent, spreading public awareness of the fact that everything we’ve been taught to believe about our nation, our government and our world is a lie. 

That’s just me, what about you? Will you help me shine a light?

Update: What gives me hope is that trust in the corporate media is plunging to historic lows.

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