Remembrance Day

On Veterans Day we’re supposed to support the troops and wave the flag but as a veteran I say fuck that.

It’s the anniversary of the end of WWI, the supposed war to end war, commemorated on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. WWI brought modern industrial warfare from the Third World colonies to Europe and the shock and horror animated a generation of writers and artists who vowed never again. Of course, twenty years later the outbreak of WWII made a mockery of the sentiment.

In the US we celebrate it as Veterans Day but Remembrance Day is observed in the British Commonwealth of Nations. Celebrated since the end of WWI, Remembrance Day actually marks Armistice Day–the day on which the hostilities between the Allies and Germany ceased on the Western Front.

I actually like Remembrance Day. Veterans Day is another one of those PR constructs where instead of remembering the horrors of war and vowing not to repeat our predecessors mistakes we promote more war by pimping out members of our armed forces as useful props. And, as we saw with W. Bush’s administration–support the troops means support for American imperialism.

The American economy revolves around war, with endless conflict being seen as a lucrative business model for weapons manufacturers. Of course, they can’t just come right out and say that they need to slaughter a bunch of people in order to create value for shareholders, hence the need for advertising, PR and propaganda.

Since February 2022, we have been living through the worst propaganda campaign in my lifetime over the conflict in Ukraine. You can see this dynamic where in the post Russia-gate era, MSNBC-watching Democrats have been conditioned to promote confrontation with the Kremlin and dismiss political opponents as “pro-Putin” traitors. There is no room for even the mildest of dissent. For American imperialists, the answer is clear: a call for diplomacy with Russia is “appeasement” (Bill Kristol) and “appalling” (Max Boot). Taking these neoconservative naysayers’ side was none other than the former Democratic “Revolution” leader Bernie Sanders, who declared his opposition to any resolution to the conflict in Ukraine.

Give peace a chance? Hardly.

Republicans have historically been the more bellicose party but since the 2016 election of Donald Trump, Democrats have embraced fantasies about anything to do with Russia: a Manchurian, Kompromat-compromised president and the hope that Robert Mueller will prove it; Russian bots swinging elections and fueling anti-racism protests; Russia bounties on US troops in Afghanistan; Russian microwave weapons injuring US officials; Russia fabricating Hunter Biden’s laptop. Accordingly, Democrats have also embraced the national security state officials behind these deceptions, and the Cold Warrior outlook that guides them.

However, if you think Republicans, if they take over the House or Senate, will be anti-war, despite presumed new Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy statements about oversight in Ukraine, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

Instead, what members of both parties are going to do is to push for more weapons and more provocations, while talking about prosecuting President Putin at the ICC. They’re pushing policy recommendations that would plainly necessitate regime change in Russia but won’t admit it because the insanity of the proposition is self-evident. The wishes of the American people have nothing to do with such foreign policy decisions and their needs are routinely dismissed. The wisdom of spending trillions of dollars to overturn elections, invade foreign countries, kill disfavored people abroad, and build a police and surveillance state at home is rarely discussed.

The end of the Cold War gave hope that America could come home and we could be at peace. Rather than war we could put the vast resources to use on health care, education and public infrastructure. But for the military/industrial/complex (MIC) the idea of peace was horrifying and instead we got a war on drugs, a war on terror and now a new and improved Cold War against Russia and China.

The real problem for our country is that both parties are controlled to a large extent by the MIC, and to continue to prosper they and their financiers depended on a steady supply of enemies, existential threats and fear. Meanwhile, the MIC and their political sock-puppets have become diabolically gifted at selling war. The RAND Corporation, an influential member of the military industrial complex, published a report in 2008 advocating war against a major power as a way to stimulate the U.S. economy. The report did not specify the target, but at the time the main candidates were thought to be Iran, Russia, or China. Accordingly, the media and public relations industry close to the MIC launched a subtle marketing campaign to generate public consent for this new and improved idea.

Sometimes it’s not particularly subtle.

On this Remembrance Day we ought to remember how it is that the war to end war was just the beginning.

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Musical Chairs

There’s a new book out that helps explain the behavior of liberals since Trump’s surprise election in 2016.

Virtue Hoarders, by Catherine Liu, examines the professional managerial class (PMC), which is predominated by liberals, and finds that they are shameless about hording all forms of “secular virtue”. White-collar, upper-class in terms of education and income, and often ideologically on the Left, she describes the PMC as engaged in class warfare against the lower classes. The PMC sees itself as vastly superior to working-class Americans who they ignore, or treat like children as they try to save them from various sins and pitfalls. The PMC defines virtues and then attempts to “hoard” them through “virtue signaling.” Its members create “moral panics” over violations of these virtues. They turn politics and policy battles into “individual passion plays”

Sound familiar?

The PMC’s didn’t set out to dominate politics, it just happened. Initially, the aim was to foster progressive values. But instead, these professional technocrats, who both had gained considerable wealth and were tightly concentrated in cities on both coasts, came to dominate the Democratic Party that formerly was a vehicle for the working class. In the process the PMC’s abandoned class based politics and focused instead on utopian ideals of diversity, identity and racial justice.

Since Carter, neoliberalism has been akin to musical chairs, as entire industries and jobs have disappeared, never to be seen again. The PMC’s have played no small part in this process except that now there’s no chair for them and they are lashing out in desperation and guilt. There appears to be a dull awareness that what is happening to the professional middle class has long since happened to the blue-collar working class. Those of us who have college and higher degrees have proved to be no more indispensable, as a group, to the masters of capital than those who have attained competency on assembly lines or in warehouses of foundries.

Hence the PMC anger at MAGA Republicans and urge to censor and silence and to curb speech they consider dangerous. From the beginning, the PMC was the intermediary and enforcer between the owners of the means of production, whether these were individual capitalists or large corporations, and the working class.  As Liu says, “The politics of virtue-hoarding is anti-universalist. Rather than pursue shared public goods, its function is to fortify the class’s dominant position by morally distinguishing it from the underclass”

What’s crazy but not all that surprising, is that liberals have turned into war and empire cheerleaders, thanks to the Russia-gate pys-op that equated Trump with Putin. And now, with the US proxy war on Russia in Ukraine and upcoming midterm elections, they’ve doubled down. If one really believes, as millions of American liberals do, that the U.S. faces two and only two choices: either elect Democrats and ensure they rule or live under a white nationalist fascist dictatorship, then of course such people will believe that media disinformation campaigns, censorship, and other forms of authoritarianism are necessary to ensure Democrats win and their opponents are vanquished. It’s like they’ve embraced an eliminationist mindset where their adversaries do not just disagree with them but seek to do them harm, hence the propaganda, censorship and suppression is fully justified. And that is exactly what is happening now.

But, remember, it’s virtuous.

As Liu writes.  If PMC “politics amount to little more than virtue signaling, it loves nothing more than moral panics to incite its members to ever more pointless forms of pseudo-politics and hyper-vigilance…PMC virtue hoarding is the insult added to injury when white-collar managers, having downsized their blue-collar workforce, then disparage them for their bad taste in literature, bad diets, unstable families, etc.” PMC champion Hillary Clinton gave voice to this sentiment with her “deplorable”comment. What really galls the PMC is that “their original dream – of a society ruled by reason and led by public-spirited professionals – has been discredited,” and the lament that the people just won’t listen to reason remains unheard by their subjects.

The only problem with this line of reasoning is that it’s flat out wrong. The status quo political establishment has failed as spectacularly as anything could possibly fail. And the PMC’s sure doubled down on the failure by vigorously promoting a new censorship regime in every American institution, shutting down free speech and, more crucially, the necessary debate for aligning our politics with reality. The idea that the PMC is doing “God’s work” has no current resonance with anyone outside their own echo chamber, which is amplified by the usual sources–MSNBC, NPR, NYT, etc.

American’s without college degrees have rejected PMC technocracy in favor of populist authoritarianism because they no longer believe it’s in their best interest. They don’t trust that the elites have their best interests in mind and otherwise find them somewhere between annoying, blind, and despicable.

Meanwhile, the chairs are disappearing and the music is slowing again.

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How-to manual

George Orwell’s 1984 wasn’t supposed to be a how-to manual, yet here we are.

The corporate media coverage of the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine demonstrates the extent to which government and media have merged to become a sort of thought police to persecute individuality and independent thinking. There’s no discernible difference now between the corporate media talking-heads and the retired CIA spooks the networks bring on as guests. It’s hard to envision any difference from Orwell’s state-controlled media and our corporate one.

Meanwhile, the 2 minute hate is alive and well as the reaction to calls for diplomacy by the Congressional Progressive Caucus demonstrates. The CPC retracted the meek letter its members had written to President Biden politely asking him to consider attempting to try a little diplomacy to help end the conflict in Ukraine. The retraction followed a wave of public outrage against their slight deviation from the official belligerent narrative. The letter received backlash from warmongers in both parties, including from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It was personally slammed by Bernie Sanders, the supposed figurehead of the American left. Trolls and warmongers swarmed the social media notifications of every account which posted the letter in an official capacity, mindlessly bleating the words “appeasement” and “Chamberlain” in unison.

It really says so much about where we’re at and where we’re headed that the most incendiary and outrageous thing you can say in our society is that we should probably attempt to diplomatically de-escalate hostilities.

I guess we’ll always be at war with Eastasia.

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Terence McKenna well describes the costs of being an apostate. “The cost of sanity in this society, is a certain level of alienation”

And once you get past the propaganda it’s alienation-city because we live in a mean country where greed and war are the dominant themes. But in America we dress it up in religious and patriotic garb because we’re the “bright shining beacon on the hill”, or something.

Many years ago, US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles claimed, “There are two kinds of people in the world: Christians who believe in free enterprise and the other kind”. That says it all. Americans are expected to adhere to the capitalist mantra of big business and of the elites whose only aim was to eviscerate the middle class and gather all wealth to itself. Americans have been so brainwashed by generations of commercial propaganda that they now almost unanimously support their own headlong rush into poverty, because to object to it is to be anti-American.

I mean when you really think about it, the whole point of the anti-communist hysteria following WWII, was capitalism putting that whole New Deal thing behind them.

Decades of “free enterprise” propaganda have deemed any government involvement in any segment of society or industry where big business and the elites could make a profit as either socialism or communism and therefore treasonous to the basic religion of multi-party political Christianity. The propaganda was so powerful that it became virtually impossible for an average American to be a Christian socialist or a believer in both democracy and social security, or to be any of these and simultaneously against big business.

Meanwhile, American imperialism can be best described as–the dollar goes abroad to seek a better return on investment and the flag follows. We’ve been at war ever since, involved in one kind of expeditionary skirmish or another. These are hybrid wars America has been waging against any country that chooses an economic path other than subordination to the United States. The recent historical record shows how every nation trying to develop outside the Washington Consensus is terrorized at myriad hybrid war levels. This nation becomes a target of color revolutions, regime change, illegal sanctions, economic blockade, NATO sabotage or outright bombing and/invasion. 

History, of course, has been one of the casualties of this generations-long domestic propaganda war, since the Americans freely excised the often-barbaric unpleasantness of their actions and reduced historic events to simplistic, Disney-fied caricatures, creating countless popular myths to captivate their domestic audience and shield Americans forever from the truth of their own history.

Michael Parenti expressed the situation perfectly when he wrote “The enormous gap between what US leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the great propaganda accomplishments of the dominant political mythology.” This lack of history and perspective is the result of the result of a century of mass manipulation and programming. One of the natural and planned results of the incessant programmed propagation of these totally false historical mythologies was the destruction of intellectual independence. Americans have been propagandized and programmed to see the world through the same pair of eyes – the pair the owners wanted them to look through. Contrary to American claims of free and independent thinking, ideological uniformity became paramount, where independent thinkers, dissidents and those with dissenting opinions most often found themselves immediately ostracized.

Their understanding of the word is controlled by CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NY Times. They live in a Matrix. They have no awareness and no control over their existence. Freedom of speech in America means staying within the prescribed narrative. Stray from that, and you will quickly find yourself ostracised, unemployed and unemployable. 

I can attest to the blinkered thinking of friends and family and marvel at the power of the propaganda system which has brought about a sort of Mass Formation Psychosis that is peculiar to Americans. And since the start of the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine the propaganda has gotten worse. A lot worse.

By the way, you’re not that crazy. I see it too and constantly remind myself that it’s no measure of health to be deemed sane in a profoundly insane society.

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Me, myself and I

Identity politics is the perfect embodiment of neoliberalism. Arch-neoliberal Margaret Thatcher articulated it when she proclaimed that “there is no society, only individuals…”

Moreover, identity politics is designed to divide and rule.

They’re not even being subtle about it. In an astonishing clip from the Cato Institute, economist, Adam Posen, head of the Peterson Institute, says a focus on domestic manufacturing is simply a “fetish for keeping white males with low education in the powerful positions they are in.”

I can’t think of a more effective divide and rule strategy than having neoliberal economists financed by Wall Street pushing offshoring and then saying that anyone who opposes having their community and livelihood destroyed is racist.

I love it when influential elites are so arrogant that they say what they really mean without all the usual nuance. Too bad we can’t offshore Posen’s job but that will never happen. Sociopaths like Posen are payed princely sums and rewarded with prestigious positions precisely because the policies they’ve promoted have allowed the 1% to Hoover up $50 trillion from middle-class Americans over the last 40 odd years as the American economy went into financial hyper-drive

This kind of open disdain for maintaining American manufacturing and decent, middle-class jobs is discrediting neoliberal Democrats and libertarian Republicans alike and has led directly to the type of populism that Trump’s emergence represented. I mean what’s the point of these political parties if they both support policies that empower the wealthy and crush everyone else? Indeed, it seems governing has become performative, rather than actual. Of course, we’re not supposed to talk about this, hence the maniacal focus on identity politics and the cultural war domestically.

Meanwhile, the neocons have gotten religion on identity politics. Which makes sense. The neocons prefer to scheme from the shadows while infesting influential US think tanks. They move between political parties while utilizing prevalent cultural trends to craft fresh justifications for American exceptionalism. Meanwhile they’ve assigned themselves license to lie and defame anyone who dissent from neocon orthodoxy as “Russian agents” or “Kremlin assets.” In this way id-pol help’s obscure the US’s ruthless foreign policies, like the recent sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines. The only conclusion we are left to draw is that the only justification for such pitiless aggression is that the US is maneuvering to avoid the collapse of its post-war global dominance, the end of its military and economic empire. The destruction of the pipelines would have to be understood as an act of desperation: a last-ditch preemption by Washington of the loss of its hegemony as Russia, China and others find common cause to challenge the American empire, and a ferocious warning for Europe to hammer home the message that it must not stray from the fold.

But it’s ok because we use the proper pronouns and perpetuate liberal-woke, activist-driven, social justice-oriented identity politics and Putin is a monstrous autocrat who persecutes gay people. Since the Russia-gate psy-op the neocons have realized that linking Donald Trump to Putin and Russia and demonizing the alleged intolerance towards homosexuals, provides a massive payoff with liberals now the most fervent Russia-phobes.

By the way, I’m not criticizing anti-racism, feminism, or other movements for social equality, but the way in which id-pol emphasizes social constructs like race or gender, rather than on material conditions and class. Identity politics is what we get after neoliberal capitalism has cleared away states, governments, borders, trade unions and other moderating forces, and this is why there’s such a frantic emphasis on being “woke”, with the accompanying censorship and propaganda. Empires and nations don’t fall because of external forces, usually, even when those get assigned as the proximate cause in history books. Rather the failures are due to inability to manage internal contradictions.

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We’ve got to stop there

The US corporate media more and more resembles the Soviet media. The censorship, propaganda and conformity are startling.

For example, when Professor Jeffery Sachs observed that it was probably the US that sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines, the Bloomberg host interrupted him, “Uh, Jeff, we’ve got to stop there”

Actually I think the US corporate media environment more resembles Orwell’s 1984, with it’s emphasis on group-think and avoidance of wrong-think. We can look no further than the treatment of Ukrainian neo-Nazi’s for evidence of this Orwellian dynamic. The US corporate media continue to denazify Ukraine by pretending that the Nazi formations in that country, which they had long decried, are now brave warriors resisting Russian tyranny. What was once “a Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary organization” which even the FBI said is notorious for its “association with neo-Nazi ideology” was first relabeled as merely “far right” before it became a normal “unit in the Ukrainian military”.

The other day the New York Times finished the progression by turning a Ukrainian government press release into a tear dripping story about the reunion of freed Azov neo-Nazi’s with their families: Released Azov commanders have an emotional reunion with family members in Turkey.

I guess we have always been at war with Eastasia.

Meanwhile, here in the homeland, liberals hate them some Nazis, especially if they’re only Trump supporters sporting a Confederate flag patch.

It’s simply remarkable.

Actually the war against Russia is not about values or a rule based liberal order or any other nonsense you might hear or read about, it is about the United States maintaining global dominance. That’s all it’s about. However, our political elites apparently assume that their tight media control will ensure that their ignorant citizenry could be made to believe–or at least pretend to believe–almost anything, even that the Russians had destroyed their own pipelines. Remember, everything bad that can’t be attributed to Trump must be due to Putin.

It just says so much about the overwhelming success of Russia-gate as a PSY-OP that the most surefire way to enrage a liberal is to say that nuclear escalation with Russia is probably a bad idea but here we are. Since 2016 progressive Democrats have been worse than useless on the single most important issue in the world, namely de-escalating tensions between the US and Russia. Because of Russia-gate they’ve been feeding into the Russia hysteria and passionately backing proxy warfare in Ukraine.

Other heretics have noticed the trend. Journalist Glenn Greenwald says that talks to de-escalate or end the conflict in Ukraine are virtually nonexistent because the corporate media and political elites have nurtured an atmosphere where to do so is considered unpatriotic. “Because everyone knows that the minute you step up and step out of line, there’s a hoard of people ready to call you unpatriotic, or a traitor, or an admirer of Vladimir Putin”. “It’s a really repressive atmosphere and squashing a debate that we absolutely have to have,” Greenwald further urged.

Strong, confident countries don’t engage in propaganda, censorship and conformity, but that’s not the US in 2022. The corporate media is telling us what to say and what we cannot say. In this way they are destroying public discourse and a vibrant public discourse conducted in public space ranks among the important sources of strength. They are also destroying people’s abilities to discern, to think, and to judge for themselves–another source of a nation’s strength.

Update: Too funny.

FT MYERS, FL — In a desperate attempt to get help for its citizens and deal with the growing humanitarian crisis in the area, a Florida town devastated by Hurricane Ian has taken the unusual step of raising the Ukrainian flag, hoping to convince Congress to send aid.

“The Ukrainian government flies this flag, and they’re just swimming in billions and billions of dollars in support from the United States. We’re just swimming in sewage,” said Ray Valdivia, the Response Coordinator working to assess the damage in the town. “We tried going through the normal channels to get help from the government, but Biden just sent us a letter of “best wishes” that looks like it may have been written in crayon.”

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The March of Folly

I’ve come to believe that our leaders are insane.

What the latest developments on and off the battlefield make undoubtedly clear is that the US and NATO are willing to use Ukraine for as long as it takes to achieve the stated aim of leaving Russia “weakened” or even achieving regime change, no matter the damage knowingly inflicted on Ukrainians, Russians, the Global South, and their own citizens.

Starting a land war with Russia is never a good idea as a certain Mr. Hitler and General Napoleon could attest but neither is invading Iraq or attempting to occupy Afghanistan.

Of course historians have written enormous volumes on the folly of elites. Barbara Tuchman addressed the kind of situation the world faces in Ukraine in her book The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam. If she were still alive, she surely would have updated it to take Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine into account.

“They were deaf to disaffection, blind to the alternative ideas it gave rise to, blandly impervious to challenge, unconcerned by the dismay at their misconduct and the rising wrath at their misgovernment, fixed in refusal to change, almost stupidly stubborn in maintaining a corrupt existing system. They could not change it because they were part of it, grew out of it, depended on it.”

Here we are headed into winter with the threat of nuclear war a real possibility, doubling down on support for a corrupt regime in a bankrupt failed state infested with Nazis, running out of weapons, facing economic decline, collapse even, a cold winter, rising inflation. Does that sound like something designed by smart or sane people? And it didn’t just suddenly happen–it’s been building for years.

In truth it goes back to the first Cold War. C. Wright Mills wrote of a “crackpot realism”, where US foreign policy mandarins evoked national security to build a military/industrial/complex bent on nuclear supremacy and to disguise the operations of the corporate and financial deep state. “For the first time in American history, men in authority are talking about an ’emergency’ without foreseeable end.”

And just like the first Cold War, the corporate media is a large part of the problem. All the cool kids love war. I mean check out this editorial. The New York Times, which consistently supports every American war, has published an op-ed by a neoconservative think-tanker titled “Biden’s Cautious Foreign Policy Imperils Us“.

This would be Joe Biden, who has never met a war he didn’t back and who has been consistently vowing to go to war with the People’s Republic of China if it attacks Taiwan, and whose administration has been pouring billions of dollars into a world-threatening proxy war in Ukraine which it knowingly provoked and from which it has no exit strategy. With this administration’s acceleration toward global conflict on two different fronts, one could easily argue that Biden actually has the most bellicose foreign policy of any president in history.

You know you are living in a profoundly sick society when the world’s most influential newspaper runs propaganda for World War Three while voices pushing for truth, transparency and peace are marginalized, silenced, shunned, and imprisoned. Absent a miraculous appearance of diplomacy, historians who survive to record the imminent nuclear war will describe it as the result of hubris and stupidity run amok.

It’s “crackpot realism” once again, where the conventional wisdom is that the US needs more war and any leader–like Trump–who calls for ending NATO, is portrayed as an authoritarian madman. It’s also the idea among elites and the chattering-class that endless war for empire is the norm and anyone who suggests otherwise is either a Russian sympathizer or a kook.

The neocons who are running amok have never known anything but American hegemony. The Wolfowitz Doctrine, set up after the fall of the USSR, made it US policy to ensure no other superpower develops which can rival US supremacy. It is part of a long term neoconservative plan for continued U.S. supremacy over the world. These same small group of neocons rotate in and out of power, parked in places like the Council on Foreign Relations or Brookings or the AEI, before being called back into government. They have been as welcome in the Obama or Biden White House, as the Bush White House. The Cold War, for them, never ended, and the world remains binary – ‘us and them, good and evil’.

And now the plot thickens:

“Three offshore lines of the Nord Stream gas pipeline system have sustained unprecedented damage in one day,” Nord Stream AG, the operator of the network, said on Tuesday in what one German official has suggested is a “targeted attack”. Nord Stream 2 suffered a gas leak which was then followed by a drop of pressure on Nord Stream 1. The company also said that “it was impossible to estimate when the gas network system’s working capability would be restored.” As both Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 both suddenly lost pressure last Monday, Swedish seismologists registered multiple explosions. The pipeline director reports unprecedented damage. Clearly this is deliberate sabotage.

Gee, I wonder who done it?

US official statements offer a clue. Here’s Victoria Nuland in January. “One way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward”. And Biden in February. “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.” Reporter: “But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany’s control?” Biden: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

And now US Secretary of State Blinken has said the pipeline damage presents a “significant opportunity” for Western Europe to abandon Russian natural gas in favor of liquified natural gas from the US.

This fits a pattern. As empires come to the end of their life cycle desperation sets in. The Big Picture reveals the US in absolute panic, with“elites” willing to resort to anything – outrageous lies, assassinations, terrorism, sabotage, all out financial war, support to neo-Nazis – to prevent their descent into a geopolitical and geo-economic abyss. Disabling NS and NS2 represents the definitive closure of any possibility of a German-Russia deal on gas supplies, with the added benefit of relegating Germany to the lowly status of absolute US vassal. If we’re going down then so are you.

Meanwhile, no one is pointing out that the present moment is more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis and we seem to be sleepwalking towards Armageddon.

Sorry, marching towards Armageddon.

Update: US officials keep warning that Russia will use nukes but this is projection. It’s the US that would be forced to use atomic weapons because they lack the requisite conventional ones. Russia, because of it’s advanced conventional weapons, such as hypersonic missiles, has escalation dominance.

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The Jackpot

Author William Gibson came up with the formulation of a massive societal die-off that he called the “Jackpot” in his novel the Peripheral.

Gibson is also famous for his quote–“The Future is Already Here, it’s Just Not Very Evenly Distributed.”

Putting the two together, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Jackpot is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.

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Waiting for the Flood

The US corporate media have transformed into empire cheerleaders, abandoning any pretext of being a Forth Estate holding power accountable. This dynamic took hold after 9/11 and the War on Terror era but the US proxy-war against Russia in Ukraine has only solidified it. Nothing can contradict the narrative that the US is a noble force for good while our enemies are the personification of evil. Indeed, the neocons who are engaged in the inexorable march by the US and its allies to turn the Ukraine crisis into World War III surely have learned the lesson that managing the narrative of what is taking place is the greatest weapon that they have in their possession.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the non-coverage of the explosive charge that Covid 19 was a US bio-weapon unleashed on China and Iran by rouge elements of the Trump administration. Ron Unz, the brilliant writer and editor of the Unz Review has put forth a well argued series of articles making the case that Covid was American made, a product of the US bio-warfare laboratories that was unleashed on foreign enemies, but now his case is bolstered by Jeffrey Sachs, chairman of the Covid Commission, recent pronouncements about the origins of the virus.

“Over the last couple of years a fierce debate regarding my Covid hypothesis has raged on the discussion-threads of our own website, encompassing over 18,000 comments totaling more than 2.6 million words. During these lengthy exchanges, I have encountered few strong arguments against this scenario, other than the claim that even rogue elements of the Trump Administration could not have possibly done anything so reckless and foolish, having such disastrous consequences.

But I think the most plausible reason a casual reader might have for disregarding my analysis has been the argument from silence. If my case were actually as strong as I claimed, surely it would not have been totally ignored for so long by virtually every mainstream and alternative journalist in America. Only obviously fatal flaws in logic could explain such a lack of coverage.

However, the utter silence that has similarly greeted the public revelations of Jeffrey Sachs and the accusations of top Russian generals suggests otherwise. If almost every media outlet in the West can ignore the headline-worthy public statements of the chairman of the Covid Commission, it is easy to understand why they would have done the same to my own far more controversial and far less solidly-established analysis.

But I’d like to believe that once there is a major breach in the dam, an enormous flood of long-avoided information will soon flow outward. In effect, the American public has been bamboozled into supporting a costly and risky proxy war against Russia. Then, it was actively led to believe that Ukraine was winning the fight, despite later reports that the U.S. intelligence community has lacked an accurate portrayal of the war on the ground from its very onset.”

Unz is spot on about the state of the US corporate media but I’m not holding my breath on there being a flood of information. The US corporate media would make Pravda and Izvestia envious with their serial lying and omissions. Their coverage of the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is a case in point. I continue to wonder what the plan is when said facts can no longer be obscured, when cheerleading no longer does it, when it proves no longer enough simply to repeat falsified accounts and judgments as if by dint of repetition they will come true. 

Before the latest barrage of relentless propaganda there was Russia-gate. Russia-gate was a massive psy-op against American liberals, who because of their antipathy towards Trump were primed to support the US proxy-war against Russia in Ukraine. I’ve also come to believe that Russia-gate inoculated the deep state against any suggestion that they were responsible for Covid since liberals came to love them some deep state while many conservatives will never believe that their sacred America would willingly release Covid.

Meanwhile the total information warfare that the corporate media has committed to is unprecedented and, remarkably, it tells you everything you need to know about the weakness of the system where the only thing they know how to do is double down on the mendacity.

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Democracy also dies in the daylight

On Thursday night, Joe Biden gave a speech in Philadelphia about how Donald Trump supporters are violent extremists, and then claimed once again that election fraud is impossible, and that anyone who disagrees is a violent threat to democracy.

It echoed the Washington Post’s concerns about the fragile state of American democracy with their masthead since Trump’s election–“Democracy Dies in Darkness”.

Democracy also dies in the daylight, by which I mean that since at least the Powell Memo both political parties and the corporate media have played no small part in drowning it in the bathtub.

Biden claimed that the Republican party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans and that is a threat to this country… MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law.

This warning comes from a Democratic administration in thrall to a national security state that used Russia-gate as a slow motion coup against a sitting president and covered up blatant evidence of Biden’s son’s criminal and deviant behavior in the run up to the 2020 election using their Big Tech partners.  Late last month, the world was treated to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg confessing on Joe Rogan’s podcast that, yes, the FBI did in fact put pressure on the social media giant to bury news about Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell”—news that very likely would have changed the results of the 2020 election had it been allowed to circulate.

And they’re warning about threats to democracy.

Man, the projection, it burns.

Of course, the Democratic Party are not the only ones pulling our legs. The Republicans want to blame America’s malaise on socialism or gasp–communism, but this is intended to obscure their role in the descent. In truth, our problems are bipartisan with both parties turbo-charging the looting of our country for the benefit of their campaign supporters. The result is that the US is ruled by billionaires, it’s an oligarchy, not a democracy.

What’s truly ironic about all this wailing about fascism is that the Democratic Party, starting with Hillary in the 2016 election, actively pushed for Trump, the most extreme candidate, to be the candidate on the Republican ballot because they thought that they could beat Trump like a gong. Of course, it also allowed the Democratic Party to move further to the right to balance out the extreme policies of the Trump Republicans, so there’s that. The Democrats have been doing this shuck and jive since Carter but it finally bit them in the ass. You’d think they would have learned their lesson after the election of Trump but while warning about fascism, the Democrats are still actively attempting to get the most extreme Republican candidates on the ballot with the calculation that they will be easier to beat while the Democrats can move even further to the right.

How’s that for cynical and hypocritical? Not to mention self-defeating?

Who am I kidding? This strategy works very well for the billionaire donors that run the show.

The Democrats can pose as the lesser of two evils to their PMC stalwarts, even as they serve Wall Street and the national security state, while the billionaires are down with fascism as long as it keeps the rubes distracted and focused on the other party. The only difference between the red propaganda and blue is that the ongoing disasters are always the other teams fault. It’s either the fascists or the socialists that done it, never in a million years is it the wizard behind the curtain.

However, fear works well as a means to divide and rule. As H.L. Mencken noted, “the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

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