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Weapons of Financial Destruction

The US is waging a new kind of Cold War against Russia where the weapons are financial instead of kinetic. The corporate media won’t tell you this but the US and all its imperial member states are attempting to strangle … Continue reading

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Predatory Value Extraction

I’ve finally found the perfect description for our late-capitalist, neoliberal milieu–predatory value extraction. At Naked Capitalism, Hubert Horan examines the business model of Uber and finds that it represents the larger US political economy, where everything has been subjugated by … Continue reading

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Science and the Unspeakable

Ever since the election of Donald Trump science has become a shibboleth for the liberal, professional/managerial/class (PMC’s), and–trust the science–has became their rallying cry. But science is an abstract concept. Trust what science? Science has been responsible for clean water, … Continue reading

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The enemy within

I wonder why there’s an upsurge in anti-Asian bias, hatred and violence? Maybe it has something to do with the demonization campaign against China that began in the Trump administration and carried into the Biden one? I’m asking, because the … Continue reading

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A crisis of ideologies

  I find it darkly amusing that neoliberalism and neoconservatism are losing legitimacy by the day, while political leaders and the corporate media warn of the disintegration of the “western-liberal-order.” That these two ruling ideologies are imploding says a lot … Continue reading

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Morality of Empire

  The missile strikes in Syria were a joke. Western officials claimed the 105-missile attack, including on a scientific research and development center in the capital of Damascus’ Barzeh district and two facilities nearly the city of Homs, had crippled … Continue reading

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It’s all about the Benjamin’s

  Ever wonder why the US regime-changes this country but not that country? Wonder no more. It’s all about the Benjamin’s. The US maintains its hegemony thanks to the power of the US dollar—the worlds reserve currency–and the reality of … Continue reading

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The political/economy of empire

  While it’s useful to focus on what we can all do to make things better, going local will only go so far. Entering a presidential election between two deeply unpopular candidates, we are faced with problems that require a national … Continue reading

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The Shotgun Sings the Song

  It’s becoming clear just what Margaret Thatcher meant when she told everyone that there was no alternative to neoliberalism. In an absolutely stunning article, economist Michael Hudson explains how the US is wielding the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a … Continue reading

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