The Lesser Evil


Readers have accused me of being a Trump supporter. I’m not a supporter, but I do believe that he’s the lesser evil in a matchup against Hillary Clinton.

I know, hear me out.

The media has once again done America a disservice in their “race-horse” coverage of the presidential race. After two plus years of breathless, he said, she said, inane yammering on, there has been precious little, if any coverage of policies the candidates will pursue, and little if any history and perspective of past American domestic and foreign policies. As a result the American people are clueless about the things our government really does, and the deep-state that pulls the strings in the background. The media loved Trump when he was a sort of freak-show candidate. Now that he’s the presumptive Republican candidate, with all the defections among neoconservatives, neoliberals, and other deep-state denizens, not so much.

Trump’s policy proposals are not “insane” as described by our tendentious, neoliberal press. For the majority of Americans, their economic situation has worsened. Globalization, the off-shoring of well paying jobs, the encouragement of immigrants to lower wages in the US, the privatization of essential services, the gutting of the welfare state, are all things that have made life much more precarious for Americans. The neoliberal policies our elite have embraced have increased inequality, reduced economic stability and accelerated political and social change.

Trump is gathering support because he’s focused on two policies that have have seriously harmed average Americans–trade and immigration. Trade deals like NAFTA have hurt ordinary people by off-shoring middle-class jobs. Immigrants compete with and lower the wages of working-class people here in the US, since they’re willing to work for lower wages. Indeed, one thing that’s rarely mentioned is that US immigration policies, enacted by corporations, are designed specifically to lower labor costs and break labor unions. Trump supporters, by and large, are the one who have suffered as immigrants have lowered their wages.

Elites who have benefitted from cheaper foreign goods and lower labor costs for services performed by immigrants here, then turn around and accuse Trump supporters of being racists. It’s all mighty convenient.

Trump, in his own unique way, is also making a case for traditional capitalism, where goods and services are produced rather than relying on finacialization. As this article entitled, Who is Afraid of Donald Trump, makes clear :“The capitalist class had its own redistribution of wealth, and the financial elite have appropriated nearly all the fruits of this victory. It is not surprising that in this situation we see a rise of not only the working class, but also a part of the bourgeoisie. And Trump attacks against political correctness are by no means a manifestation of his personal feelings, his unrestraint and rudeness; it’s a conscious strategy to consolidate those social groups that have suffered under the dictatorship of political correctness. They were hit practically and financially; they lost their income, jobs and revenues. Trump’s propaganda is quite rational, and it is effective not because it, as the intellectuals think, resonates with the feelings and prejudices of the people, but because it reflects their real interests, even if expressed in a distorted form. The billionaire only bullies the groups which will not vote for him anyway. But it consolidates the voices of millions of white (and actually not just white) working class people, who are mortally tired of political correctness.”

I also believe that a president Trump would be less of a menace to the world than Clinton with his foreign policies.

I know, hear me out.

Trump questions the US’s penchant for regime change and destruction of other countries,  and he has claimed he will work with Putin rather than likening him to Hitler, as did Hillary. Most importantly, the deep-state denizens are deserting the Republican party and pledging their fealty to Hillary. A president Trump, in all likelihood, would face a revolt among the deep-state that actually runs things in Washington. Because of this, I’m convinced that a president Trump would be much less effective in managing American foreign policy, which increasingly only menaces world peace.

Whether domestically or through their foreign policy actions, US presidents increasingly only carry out detrimental policies. If I have to pick one of these mother-fuckers, then I damn well want the least effective one.





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