The Axis of Stupid


Between Trump’s UN speech and the new Committee to Investigate Russia, I don’t know who’s dumber–Trump, or the disparate faction that seems determined to take him down.

The Committee to Investigate Russia is sponsored by Hollywood director Rob Reiner, who played Meathead, on the 70’s sitcom–All in the Family.

I know, sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

Reiner explained the purpose as–“We’re trying to break through and explain to people why this is important and that there is a serious problem here that people don’t seem to really grasp.”

Maybe the purpose of the new committee is to propagandize Americans who seem to have lost interest in the story?

Recent polls have demonstrated that the American electorate could care less about it. As they continue to lose their jobs and homes and fall into medical debt and struggle with opioid addictions, they want our leaders and the corporate media to focus on important things like the economy and the fact that they face an increasingly precarious future.

While average Americans are tired of the story, liberal intellectuals, whose hatred of Trump seems to have overpowered their cognitive facilities, have embraced the Russia hacking story with a fervor. (I’m looking at you–New York Times) The last time this happened in 2003, after a year of such propaganda, the U.S. attacked Iraq on fraudulent – not “mistaken” – intelligence.

Perhaps the new effort by the Committee to Investigate Russia is due to the fact that the Russians have successfully deterred the US’s regime change foreign policies in Syria and Ukraine?

Most Americans never heard his speech, but at the UN General Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin described American foreign policies thusly–“An aggressive foreign interference has resulted in a brazen destruction of national institutions and the lifestyle itself. Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster. Nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have caused the situation, do you realize now what you’ve done?”

Putin was referring to the US efforts to overthrow the Syrian regime by employing al-Qaeda as proxies. The entirely legal military intervention by Russia at the request of the sovereign government of Syria — a member in good standing at the UN – reversed the nation’s descent into U.S.-backed jihadist terror. History may decree that Putin saved the international legal order from complete destruction by the US.

This effort to blame Russia for hacking our precious democracy has been ongoing since before the presidential election, but it became super-charged in the wake of Trump’s win when Hillary Clinton needed an excuse for losing to an orange-haired freak.

Despite the Sturm und Drang many knowledgable independent journalist and insiders doubt the story. For example, U.S. intelligence veterans–ex-NSA official William Binney, and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern–are skeptical that Russia “hacked” the DNC’s computers, pointing instead to a download of emails by an insider.

The Committee to Investigate Russia did receive lots of corporate media attention. Not only has the corporate media been pushing the hacking story relentlessly but now it involves one of their favorite Beltway tropes–bi-partisanship. Reiner is a Democrat, while Frum, Boot, and Clapper are neoconservative Republicans.

David Frum, if you’ll remember from the way-back-machine, was George W. Bush’s speechwriter, who is credited with inventing the expression “axis of evil“, which Bush introduced in his 2002 State of the Union address.

Frum is on to his new gig as part of an axis of stupid, where instead of actual Russian experts the committee is made up of the following leading lights:

  • a neocon blogger
  • a perjurer
  • wonk with no Russia background
  • the director of When Harry Met Sally, and Meathead
  • right-wing talk radio guy

Like I say–you can’t make this shit up.

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