A dirty game


The sociopathic elite that make up the deep state are playing a very dirty game.

Russia-gate has gone from allegations that Donald Trump personally colluded with Vladimir Putin to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency to the latest indictment of internet trolls from St Petersburg accused of manipulating social media. The whole sorry spectacle has been a year long exercise in hyperbole and breathless media speculation that has not resulted in the impeachment of Trump but has instead brought the cold war roaring back.

Maybe, that was the whole idea?

On February 16 Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals for the crime of sowing “discord in the U.S. political system” and encouraging “U.S. minority groups not to vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential election or to vote for a third-party U.S. presidential candidate.”

In my opinion, the indictments were not designed reveal the truth or bring the accused to justice. They were written to shape public perceptions and to persuade the American people that Trump cheated in the elections and that Russia poses a serious threat to US national security.

The indictments are also a distraction from the allegations that members of the deep state, led by former CIA director John Brennan, surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election by fraudulent means. For instance, the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into Trump’s alleged connections to Russia was launched on the basis of information gathered from a report that was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign. The surveillance of a Trump campaign member (Carter Page) was approved by a FISA court on the basis of information from that same report.

I can already see the endgame, where Trump is absolved but the charges of Russian malfeasance linger. Going further, I believe that Trump has cut a deal with the deep state where he is cleared of charges and avoids impeachment in exchange for not pursuing the investigation into the deep state surveillance.

In the meantime, it’s obvious that the deep state has accomplished its goal of neutering Trump’s campaign promises of a non-interventionist foreign policy and detente with Russia.

As a bonus, these charges against Russia have transformed liberals into raving McCarthyites, calling for war. Indeed, inflating the threat of Russia has become de rigueur for liberals as well as conservatives and certainly for much of the corporate media. It’s been extremely disconcerting to watch liberals embrace a narrative put forth by the CIA and FBI, institutions that have spent their entire existence in a dirty war against the left. I guess in this day and age of disposable history and instant news updates on the smart device, liberals have forgotten about COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA?

They’ve obviously forgotten the ability of the US government to marshall the American populace for war. As we’ve discussed previously, the ruling elite figured out to do this with the Creel Committee, led by the nephew of Sigmund Freud–Edward Bernays. This effort at war propaganda led to the nascent public relations and advertising industries, and new and improved war propaganda.

Liberals have also forgotten about all of the times that the US government has used false-flag events to whip the American people into a war frenzy.

Here are some examples of false-flag events designed to drive American support for war:

Operation Northwoods.

Gulf of Tonkin.

In the run up to the first gulf war a young woman who gave only her first name, Nayira, testified that she had been a volunteer at Kuwait’s al-Adan hospital, where she had seen Iraqi troops rip scores of babies out of incubators, leaving them “to die on the cold floor.” Between tears, she described the incident as “horrifying.”

Saddam’s WMD, aluminum tubes, and mushroom clouds.

CNN’s fake interview–On the fifth of April, 2017, CNN staged a fake, scripted interview featuring a seven year-old Syrian girl sounding out pro-regime change talking points syllable-by-syllable using concepts that she could not possibly understand. CNN host Alisyn Camerota was asking the child questions throughout the performance, which means that Camerota necessarily had the other half of the script.

Knowing all the times that they’ve lied, why, on God’s green earth would you believe them?

Thankfully, there are enough of us out there now who disbelieve every establishment utterance.

Don’t think that the authorities have not noticed. The new trend is towards censorship of dissenting voices. Not only that but there is still a tremendous amount of pressure being applied to progressives to join the Russia-gate narrative, as Bernie Sanders is finding out the hard way.

What’s so depressing is that just 15 years ago on March 20th the US invaded Iraq under false pretenses after a prolonged propaganda campaign. Today’s warnings of  Russian aggression is the 2003 equivalent of Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and like the WMD claim, it’s based on zero evidence.

Why, it’s almost as if the American people have been lobotomized.

Russia-gate is ultimately a distraction from the real work we need to do to save our Republic. Thanks to Citizens United, Russian influence is minuscule compared to the influence of our unelected billionaires. These billionaires have captured both political parties forestalling any attempt to change from endless war to programs and policies designed to reverse the savage inequality ripping apart the fabric of our society.

Update: A wee bit of humor in these dark times.



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