Hero’s of the Resistance


The Resistance has embraced a rogues gallery of characters to oppose Trump since his surprise victory over their favored candidate–Hillary Clinton.

There’s been former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) head Michael Hayden, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and, of course, special counsel, and Russia-gate heartthrob Robert Mueller, who lied about Iraq’s WMDs, paving the way for war. Even George W. Bush has now been rehabilitated in an effort to appeal to suburban Republicans.

The latest hero of the Resistance is none other than official torture chief John Brennan. Trump’s decision to withdraw former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance has prompted paeans to Brennan by establishment journalists and politicians, while Brennan has assumed the role of courageous dissident speaking truth to power. Resistance leaders like Rob Reiner (“When you libel James Clapper and John Brennan you libel America,” he wrote) have cheered on these characters when they’ve appeared on liberal talk shows to insult Trump in front of cheering audiences.

Let me say this loudly–Brennan is not a fucking hero!

Brennan organized torture and “extraordinary rendition”, and was a “vocal advocate” of giving the telcos immunity for Bush’s enormous program of warrrantless surveillance, under President George W Bush. Under President Barack Obama, Brennan organized the “kill list,” later rebranded as a “disposition matrix,” which Obama used in at least one case to kill a U.S. citizen with a drone strike, while avoiding any form of due process.) It was Brennan who conspired with the Gulf dictators to employ Al Qaeda to destroy Libya and to attempt the same in Syria. After Congress began an inquiry, Brennan ordered the CIA to spy on the congressional committee investigating torture and then lied about having done so.

Some hero.

Lately, I’ve come to think that if Hitler was reanimated and he came out in opposition to Trump, the Resistance would celebrate him too. “Oh, that Holocaust thing was so 1940’s. Look at him now. He hates Trump.”

I believe that the real reason so many liberals oppose Trump and find him abhorrent is class. It conversations with liberals who refuse to accept that Obama carried out the same monstrous policies it’s become clear that what really bothers them about Trump is that he’s not a member of the meritocracy like their champion Obama. With Obama’s cool, sophisticated articulation as the hip, black steward of the American empire, liberals could pretend that we really are the exceptional nation. We really do stand taller and see further.

I’ve come to realize that the proper formula for an acceptable US president is an elite class-consciousness combined with depravity. Madeleine Albright is the member of the leadership class who came the closest to this ideal. If you’ll recall from the way-back machine, Albright infamously told 60 Minutes that the price for starving 1/2 million Iraqi children was worth it, while later instructing prep-school students on the proper use of utensils at a fancy dinner.



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