Manufacturing Dissent


The US has an oligarchic system of government in the wake of the Citizens/United Supreme Court ruling that legalized political bribery. It turns out that all that stuff we learned in school about representative democracy was a pleasant fairy tale for children.

The only thing holding the status quo in place is mass-media propaganda–Manufacturing Consent. Essentially, the elite in our country maintain their corporate-empire by controlling the narrative about what’s going on.

The official narrative goes like this–The US, as the essential super-power upholding western values and spreading democracy, is good. Russia, Iran, and any other officially designated villain is bad. You live in a democracy where your vote counts and the government is accountable. The two political parties are completely different and their opposition isn’t phony. The talking heads on the boob-tube never lie to you because if they did they would be fired. All official government pronouncements are completely true: Russia hacked our democracy; Assad gassed women and children; 19 Al Qaeda hijackers with boxcutters flew jets into the World Towers and the Pentagon; Kennedy was shot and killed by a lone gunman.

Sorry to break the news but by now I’m sure that you have some doubts about the official story.

The fact that trust in the corporate-media is at an all-time low and people’s ability to network and share information, thanks to the internet, is at an all-time high has not escaped the attention of our rulers.

The lack of trust in the corporate media makes the sociopaths who control our country nervous. In response they been on a censorship jag, targeting any alternatives on the left or right that challenge the official imperial narrative. First it was the “PropOrNot”  nonsense that reduced traffic to left sites such as Alternet, Black Agenda Report, Naked Capitalism, and Consortium News. Now they’re going after the right with their shrill campaign against Alex Jones.

It’s become apparent in our digital world where Facebook and Google control over 80% 0f internet content, that Silicon Valley billionaires have gained unlimited authority to determine which ideas and information are suitable for public consumption, while they collude to remove any speaker they find unsuitable. The fact that they started with Alex Jones doesn’t matter, because sooner or later the powerful people who are able to censor will censor in the interests of power.

We know this because we’ve seen it before. First they came is a poem written by the German pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). It’s about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazi’s rise to power and subsequent elimination of their chosen targets, group after group. “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a communist.”

Much of the the censorship involves Russia-gate. (Surprise!) It’s now unpatriotic to question the Russia-gate narrative despite the absence of evidence to support it. It’s also considered treasonous to question the word of intelligence agencies and the officials who lead them despite long records of deceit. We seem to have forgotten that it was only 15 years ago that these same institutions and people deceived us into an a catastrophic invasion of  Iraq.

Given the enormous investment by both the political class and the corporate media in Russia-gate, it’s become apparent that Russia-gate is the only thing they’re offering to oppose Trump, even though many of his policies are disastrous. At will he imposes sanctions, threatens countries and leaders, turns much of the world into enemies, breaks treaties, discards environmental protections, and stages petty Twitter fight with anyone and everyone. Ironically, with Russia-gate, the Democrats, allied with the security and intelligence agencies, are opposing Trump from the right by seeking to prevent changes in American interventionist foreign policies and better relations with nuclear-armed Russia.

In my opinion Russia-gate has been intensified precisely to prevent any change in Democrat policies. Going further, even if the neoliberal Democrats were inclined to roll out some progressive policies, the billionaire supporters of Team Blue won’t let them.

So, expect the Russia-gate propaganda campaign and censorship of alternative voices to increase ahead of the mid-term elections.

Not just Russia-gate. I’m absolutely convinced that come September there will be an additional propaganda campaign to start a war, probably with Iran. Let’s remember what Bush’s chief of staff, Andrew Card, said about war propaganda in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. “From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August.”

We are at a crossroads in America. Do we go forward with the sociopathic elite policies of empire that necessitate a regime of permanent war abroad coupled with austerity here in the homeland, or do we the people force them take the off-ramp to a different world?

If the sociopathic elite get their way expect the manufacture and perpetual maintenance of war hysteria, followed by increased propaganda and censorship.

I’m afraid it’s up to us. If we have any hope of a different world, those of us on the fringes are going to have to manufacture dissent.

What have we got to lose?



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