Year Zero

One of the strangest things about Trump’s election victory is that 2016 became Year Zero. Everything bad with America began at that point and no history is allowed before.

This willful blindness has the considerable advantage to our feral elite, absolving them of all of the horrible policies that made the election of Trump possible. Once that reset is finalized, everything that happened before Year Zero will effectively be off-limits. Everything that happened after that is a damn shame. And no one but Donald Trump are to blame for any of the havoc and tragedy you see all around you. Indeed, political operatives in both parties are busy erasing evidence of their culpability in the crisis that’s overtaken our country.

Nothing to see here.

I’m sure that Trump’s election wasn’t caused by the Bush administration’s lawless invasion of Iraq, and aggressive neoconservative foreign policies of murder, torture and endless war. Or the imposition of a corporate healthcare monstrosity like Obamacare, that was modeled on a right-wing Heritage Foundation plan.

No sir.

Trump’s election certainly wasn’t caused by greedy US corporate executives outsourcing American manufacturing jobs to China. Or the de-industrialization of America, which saw the systematic shutdown of auto, steel and other factories across our country, devastating working-class cities such as Detroit, Milwaukee, and Youngstown, Ohio. All of these places that voted for Trump.

I wonder why?

The bi-partisan deregulation of finance, followed by the largest banking crash since the Great Depression, leading to skyrocketing inequality, had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump’s surprise victory.

No way.

The GOP never utilized a Southern Strategy, and Trump is definitely the first racist president.

It’s true.

The crazy idea that there’s some kind of an American empire is Russian disinformation. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, was the epitome of peace. His administration didn’t overthrow the Libyan government, or overthrow the Ukrainian government, or attempt to overthrow the Syrian government using Al Qaeda terrorists.

We’d never.

Identity politics at the expense of class based politics by our so-called opposition party certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump’s election.

It’s impossible.

The idea of a competent national governance that cares for all Americans has never been questioned. We never had a cadre of neoliberal ideologues claiming that government should be “drowned in a bathtub”. We’ve also never privatized basic services such as education and health, or allowed public facilities and infrastructure to fall into disrepair.

Never would do it.

And, finally, we never had an unbroken record of elite failure after elite failure, after elite failure.

They couldn’t.

Yet suddenly and without warning the Orange-Man-Bad showed up and body snatched the entire virtuous, enlightened and competent American government while we weren’t looking.

The whole shuck and jive is darkly humorous, as well as extremely enlightening about the corporate media’s propaganda role.

What’s not funny is that the election of 2020 is an election of zero’s. A choice between Donald “grab them by the pussy” Trump and Joe “creepy uncle” Biden.

Some fucking choice.

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