I’ve decided that what really bothers liberals about Trump is his lack of decorum. They claim that oh, no, it’s his policies that they object to but I’m certain that if Biden is elected and continues the very same policies but with better public-relation, it will be crickets. There is a precedent. Liberals were up in arms during George W. Bush’s tenure but as soon as Obama was the one ordering drone strikes it was all good.

Trump’s lack of decorum is only part of the problem. There’s also the wholesale distrust of the elite institutions that form the vaunted liberal order portrayed by shows like The West Wing.

However, our feral elite would have us believe that this distrust is beyond the pale and that only a fool or a “deplorable” would believe in “conspiracy theories.”

I believe that those of us portrayed as “conspiracy theorists” have made a calculated decision that in a world where corporate and government elites engage in immoral and illegal actions daily believing in conspiracies is simply to acknowledge reality. We’ve lost faith in science and experts; we’ve lost faith in our political institutions; we’ve lost faith in the American dream; and we’ve lost faith in our Republic itself.

Why? Because many of the feral elite that rule our country have disconnected themselves from the rest of the country. Their culture and values are hostile to the beliefs of their non-elite countrymen. They suck money and power out of the rest of the country and use them solely for their own benefit. And they care about only one thing: remaining the elite.

Meanwhile, their behaviors are generating a growing crisis of legitimacy for the United States irregardless of which party is managing its affairs.

Electing Joe Biden won’t end our oligarchic empire but his administration will be sure to use racially sensitive language while they go about the business of dominating the planet.

Remember–Black Lives Matter.

Update: For those of you who don’t get satire, I do believe Black Lives Matter. I also believe that the best way to ensure they do is to pass Medicare For All and declare a debt jubilee.

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