Do Good

The signs are everywhere. On cars, hats, even face masks, but what does this ubiquitous saying–“Do Good”–really tell us about our milieu?

I’m pretty sure that this saying, like pretty much everything else in our world, is public relations (PR)–bullshit.

Going further, I believe that the “Do Good” saying relates to the American empire, where our feral elite are desperately trying to recast the project with a liberal patina. This is the ultimate reason for the policing of language, cancel culture, and woke, even the faux environmentalism that liberal’s profess.

The reek of colonialism is being exorcised from the imperial project through the launch of war on ‘white supremacy’ and on racial and social injustice. The “Washington Consensus” has been recast as ‘saving the planet’ from climate change; saving all humanity from the pandemic; and safeguarding us all from a coming global financial crisis.

It’s called the Great Reset.

The current Great Reset is a process of metamorphosis – a change in Western values, and paradigm. It is the passage to a new kind of liberalism, one that sweeps gender and identity into fluidity. This latter aspect is not some anomaly–it is ‘something’ essentially embedded within in the logic of liberalism.

Unfortunately, as Trump’s election, Brexit and a host of other populist challenges have demonstrated, once control over the justifying myth of the American “liberal order” was lost, the mask was off. This is the foreign policy challenge the Biden administration faces as they desperately attempt to reestablish American hegemony. So far, as the Alaskan Summit with China where the tone deaf Secretary of State Blinken insulted the Chinese, followed by the disastrous interview where Biden called Russian President Putin a “killer”, it’s not going well.

The essential problem for the US is that nothing has really changed. It’s been 18 years since the invasion of Iraq–a monstrous war crime–and the same political and media class who supported it are still in power. The same corrupt, depraved power establishment which facilitated the Iraq war are still our leaders! And these are the same people who going to be in charge going forward with their fucking Reset, or whatever fucking makeover they foist on us.

Thus we arrive at the new, kinder and gentler empire. One with a smiley face and the proper pronouns.

With a perfect slogan–Do Good.

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