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The Right Stuff

  As we approach another election featuring two repulsive candidates it’s more important than ever to question what makes an acceptable leader? It’s become obvious that those who rise to the top are those who are the most talented examples … Continue reading

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  The looming threat of global weirding has made it apparent that both our political parties are death cults and, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, money is their only true value. I’d be remiss if I failed to mention … Continue reading

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The man from Delaware

  For the corporate and elite Democratic supporters who are desperate to stop a Sanders campaign, Joe Biden’s official entrance has been a godsend. Early polls put Biden ahead of Sanders by as many as 20 points and the same pundits who called … Continue reading

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Everybody Knows

  Ten years on from the Wall Street Crash, it’s quite apparent that something is different. I was reminded of this yesterday reading the Sunday comics, where author, Scott Adams, has one of the characters in Dilbert being confronted. “Weren’t … Continue reading

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Washington Generals (Part 2)

  How can the Democratic Party effectively oppose Trump and get back into power after they’ve lost over a thousand seats nation-wide since 2008? Oh, I know. Maybe former Vice-President Joe Biden, a Democrat, can show up at a swanky Deer … Continue reading

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