Old Time Religion

We are endlessly lectured that there are no conspiracies but what was Russia-gate?

All the cool kids have moved on now that icky Trump is out of the White House and not embarrassing them and their corporate media play-things but the Durham Report is providing copious evidence of criminality. The verdict–“Russia-gate was a Democratic conspiracy.”

For example, the constantly piling-up evidence that Russia-gate was manufactured by lawyers working for Hillary Clinton – first and foremost Michael Sussmann. Have a look at authentic investigative reporter Aaron Mate’s latest: “With Clinton lawyer charged, the Russia-gate scam is now under indictment” of Sept. 20.

Mate’s takeaway–“With the Steele dossier now widely discredited and Sussmann’s indictment adding new details of a related deceptionthe Clinton campaign is now connected to yet one more documented scam in a sprawling effort to plant Trump-Russia conspiracy theories in the media and trigger federal investigative activity.”

This criminality was initiated and carried out by the Clinton campaign with voluminous help from the deep state, that mysterious entity that many Americans doubt exists. Symptomatic of this enforced myopia was the mainstream response to the grand Russia-gate conspiracy theory, a spectacle which to date has failed to produce any convictions for conspiracy or treason. What’s even more infuriating is that the critics of the Russia-gate conspiracy theory, like yours truly, have been denounced as “conspiracy theorists.” Thus, Russia-gate provided further proof that the term “conspiracy theory” is a pejorative, designed to stigmatize and dismiss critics of official pronouncements.

Trump’s crime was to discuss ending some of the overseas interventions that have been on cruise control ever since 911. For the deep state, accustomed to imperial rule, these were fighting words. No dove or even advocate for diplomacy, Trump nonetheless articulated an American-isolationist sentiment that resonated with Americans sick of the endless wars and sacrifice of sons and daughters.

Can’t have that now, can we?

Clinton and her allies in the deep state knew they could peddle the Russia-gate conspiracy to their corporate media cheerleaders and that they would do the rest. Indeed, the corporate media, led by the venerable New York Times, has embraced advocacy over neutrality, all the better to sell subscriptions. It worked due to the fact that their audience–liberal PMC’s–loathed Trump and were eager to believe anything about him that offered the hope of his downfall.

In an amazing new article, Matt Taibbi says that “The News is America’s New Religion, and We’re in a Religious War.” Basically, the media has gone from providing “news” to becoming more like religion, where they are peddling gospel. American increasingly pray at the red church or the blue church with no apostates allowed. “We have two denominations, both as fact-averse as real churches,” and this is the logical “result of narrative-driven coverage that focuses huge amounts of resources on the wrongness of the rival faith…Tales of each other’s stupidity are the new national religion, and especially among erstwhile liberals, we take them more seriously than any religion has been taken in the smart set in a long, long time.”

In this climate I wonder how the finale Durham Report, with its investigation into the origins of Russia-gate, coupled with criminal indictments, will be received by the faithful?

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