The neocons are sure to lose their shit but what did they expect with their inept machinations and insane war mongering? Instead of a glorious neoliberal market utopia undergirded by American “full spectrum dominance” the rest of the world is headed to a multipolar future.

End of history my ass.

The financialized neocolonialism overseen by Wall Street is coming to a screeching halt, thanks to a large part due to Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine that is really a proxy war against the US/NATO. The opening was quickly exploited. In quick succession, we have had a number of potentially strategy re-defining summits: The Caspian, the Tehran and Russia-Turkey reset conferences. These are all examples of the new political dynamics beginning to manifest. These confabs, nonetheless, are buttressed by solid economic interest, centered around the advent of new trade and economic connections, in ways to mitigate the US’s barrage of sanctions, whilst at the same time, generating new commercial initiatives to lift these regions out from their economic servitude.

Taken together, this represents a strategic move to take commerce, its transportation corridors and all payment systems out of the control of Wall Street financiers. A multipolar world order is taking shape. Instead of a “rules based order” directed by the US an increasing number of countries are choosing a different path of sovereign development based on their own distinct identities, traditions and values.

Meanwhile the neocon infestation of both Republican and Democratic parties has resulted in an increasingly unhinged foreign policy. This has become so dangerous that even Hague fugitive Henry Kissinger has felt the need to issue a warning. “We are at the edge of war with Russia and China on issues which we partly created, without any concept of how this is going to end or what it’s supposed to lead to.”

The defining event that may tie all these Russian initiatives together took place thousands of miles from the Ukraine–the Pelosi visit to Taiwan that so infuriated Beijing. Thanks to Pelosi’s stunt China now realizes, like Russia has come to, that the US is not agreement capable, and they are girding for a new stage of conflict. Indeed, the pace and intensity of US-China tension is set to go up–changing that relationship forever.

Thanks to the deluge of propaganda most Americans conflate the US empire with America the country and therefore support US imperialism. But the unipolar US empire is detrimental to the vast majority of citizens and only serves the elite. Paradoxically, during the Cold War the USSR, by providing an alternative to capitalism, kept our feral elite somewhat concerned with our well being, if only for the optics in the competition between operating systems. But once the Soviets quit there was, as Margaret Thatcher warned, no alternative to the savagery of the neoliberal market. And now the malign effects of the unipolar period of American hegemony are on full display: The manufacturing offshoring that has left many formerly vibrant communities abandoned husks as our feral elite embraced the neoliberal way of outsourcing to low wage nations to destroy labour. The diversion of wealth from middle -class Americans to the billionaires. The ongoing opioid epidemic and deaths of despair. The decaying infrastructure. The trillions squandered on weapons as millions of Americans lack healthcare–the total national security state budget for early 2019 was over $1.25 trillion, and it has grown exponentially since that time.

It is, of course, unpopular in any instance to be an apostate, to be the child suggesting the emperor has no clothes, and to challenge the corporate media narrative that has been broadly accepted by a trusting public.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that the era of the United States as the supreme military and economic power in the world is over so we can prepare accordingly.

Moreover, we should celebrate rather than mourn.

The real patriotic response is to advocate for the end of empire and a restoration of our republican values.

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