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Performative Virtue Signaling

Why has the the modern Democratic Party become incapable of governing? Perhaps it’s because the Democratic Party has become defined by a contradiction: it simultaneously promises policies that benefit its corporate donors while also solving problems created by those same … Continue reading

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The political/economy of evil

I have stated it before and will go on saying it–evil is easy, while good is incredibly difficult. Nowhere are these truths more obvious than in the way in which neoliberalism has hollowed out our republican method of governance. Just … Continue reading

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No Illusions

  I’ve been getting a lot of pushback from liberal friends about my disdain for Democrats. “You’re helping Trump,” with your criticism of the blue team, they tell me. Let me be clear–I’ve come to despise the tribalism that passes … Continue reading

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Border Guard

  Going into one of the craziest elections in American history it’s important to remember how we got to this point. Hint–both parties have contributed to a slow-motion economic crisis. The Republican party, as it exists now, is an absolute … Continue reading

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