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Oh, So Super

Have you wondered why US foreign policy never seems to change irrespective of which candidate or party resides in the White House? Or why it seems that the route to riches in America is through looting? Or why it seems … Continue reading

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Existential Threat

  Every economy is planned. The essential political question is who gets to do the planning. Likewise, every economy is a mix between state and private actors. After 40 plus years of neoliberal “reforms”, the dominant actors in the US are … Continue reading

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Leftless in America

  In The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Donald Trump, political scientist, Corey Robin says that conservatism draws its power and purpose from opposition to the left. “From the French Revolution through civil rights and women’s lib, struggles … Continue reading

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The Kill Switch

New Zealand just released the draft of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)and it is worse than we could have imagined. According to consumer advocate Ralph Nader, the TPP, “…allows corporations to bypass our three branches of government to impose enforceable sanctions … Continue reading

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Godzilla vs Mothra

With  the dearth of investigative journalism and embrace of entertainment as news by our corporate press, sometimes the only way we learn about the important events shaping our world is when there is a dust up among our elite. Right … Continue reading

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