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It’s the economy, stupid

  In retrospect it seems obvious, but political scientist Corey Robin argues that Bernie Sanders did so well in the 2016 presidential election because he’s the first Democrat in forever to offer a trenchant political analysis of the US economy. … Continue reading

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Blood On Their Hands

Republicans who voted to cut funding to Amtrak in the wake of the fatal crash have blood on their hands. These types of train crashes happen because cuts to funding translate into cuts to maintenance, leading to accidents that kill … Continue reading

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Powerful US corporations socialize the costs of doing business and privatize the profits. In economic speak, this socialization of costs is described as an externality. If such things as exploitation of labor, income inequality, and environmental destruction were forced to be … Continue reading

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It’s the Political Economy Stupid

Wall Street bankers crashed our economy three years ago, and their “too big to fail banks” received trillions, courtesy of the Federal Reserve. Now they and their political allies are clamoring to cut social programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, … Continue reading

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