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Sacred Cows

  Immigration has been a divisive force throughout American history, simmering just below the surface before exploding into paroxysm’s of violence¬†where riots, lynching and murder are the order of the day. In a future shaped by extreme climate disruption immigration … Continue reading

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Independence Day

  As we head into Independence Day, I think it’s time for another revolution. Not from England, silly, but from the feral elite who might as well be living in another country for all the ways in which their interests … Continue reading

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Better policies, please

  Why is right-wing populism surging while left-wing populism lies moribund? Historically, we know how right-wing populism advances. Economic malaise coupled with liberal paralysis. When the economy sucks, workers are ripe for appeals against scapegoats. Immigrants, minorities, woman and queers … Continue reading

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