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The world we live in now

The Obama Administration’s failure to prosecute the banksters in the wake of the Wall Street Crash has been an ongoing topic here at Camelotkidd so I’m glad to see a new podcast exploring the subject. I’m referring to Meltdown, a … Continue reading

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Corporations are people too, my friend

Of course, they’re psychotic people with a death count in the millions and if there was any justice or accountability Senators like our little Mittens would have to wear jackets that showed the logos of the various corporations that sponsor … Continue reading

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Pattern Recognition

The American empire has not become kinder and gentler just because they are flying the rainbow or BLM flags at our embassy’s. Or because there is now a lesbian at the helm of the CIA directing drone strikes. Or because … Continue reading

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The Colossus

  Amazon has become the most powerful economic actor, a veritable colossus astride our Republic. The recent reports about the ubiquitous online merchant’s search for a new headquarters only reinforce this perception.¬†After a long process, Amazon finally announced that it … Continue reading

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A friend asked me a great question the other day: Is neo-feudalism just fascism? According to the 1983 American Heritage Dictionary, fascism is: “A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of … Continue reading

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