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Why is it that we are led by sociopaths? If we’re honest about our milieu it’s apparent that the commanding heights of business, politics and media are filled with sociopaths. It’s really not that hard to see and understand; there’s … Continue reading

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It Works

I was ready to write another post equivocating the two political parties when I saw that John Bolton had released his memoirs, where he claims Trump is a danger to the republic. Well that did it. I’ve been on the … Continue reading

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Unlikely Savior

  Trump came into office critical of the bi-partisan foreign policy establishment while promising to end America’s endless wars. Since then he’s been under relentless pressure, like Obama before him, to follow the “Washington Playbook.” Whether, North Korea or Syria … Continue reading

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I am the Walrus

  The non-stop demonization of Russia has achieved its desired outcome–a new cold war with Russia. This comes as the US empire enters post-primacy and desperately seeks a major new conflict to maintain its dominance and forestall the rise of a multipolar world. … Continue reading

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