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Looting Opportunity

  We don’t do competent governance anymore. Everything is simply a looting opportunity. There are clusters of competence, of course, but they are overwhelmed by incompetence, corruption and callous disregard for anyone who isn’t wealthy or powerful. The elites have … Continue reading

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Forest for the Trees

  At Camelotkidd, I’ve settled into a routine of writing critical articles on neoliberalism, neoconservatism, our feral elite, and propaganda, becauseĀ I realized that these were subjects that not only interested me but were key to making sense of our chaotic … Continue reading

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Back in the USSR

  Imagine having a government that cares about average people, helping keep them safe during an emergency and ensuring that the costs of the crisis fall upon the members of society with the most? You don’t know how lucky you … Continue reading

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A World Turned Upside Down

  When the British surrendered at Yorktown at the close of the Revolutionary War their commander, General Cornwallis, was so distraught that he feigned illness and instead had his subordinate proffer his sword to General Washington. The tenor of the … Continue reading

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Life During Wartime

  I feel like I’m an extra in a science fiction movie lately, where every new day brings more crazy news. It’s like we’re all being overtaken by events. I keep coming back to the old Chinese proverb–May you live … Continue reading

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